Common Mistakes Committed By Candidates Before & During UPPSC Prelims and How to Avoid Them!

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Common Mistakes Committed by Candidates: Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission conducts a PSC exam every year for the recruitment of various administrative posts. Thousands of serious aspirants commit many trivial mistakes which cost them the prestigious job even though they may have the same level of intelligence, and hard work.

 In this article, we are providing Common Mistakes Committed By Candidates Before & During UPPSC Prelims and we will also discuss how to Avoid Them! 

Mistakes To Avoid in UPPSC PSC Preparation

Mistake 1: Not Knowing the UPPSC Syllabus

The UPPSC PSC syllabus is vast, which is why the candidate must check it thoroughly to cover each and every aspect of it and not just rely on notes and study material of institutes. UPPSC PSC Syllabus is your roadmap in your preparation process, hence you should know the syllabus thoroughly.

Mistake 2: Not Revising the concepts

Many aspirants often try to acquire more knowledge without revising earlier read stuff. And this way they lead to poor memory and a lack of confidence. And in exam time, the aspirant is unable to recall the concepts in the real examination. So, It advised that aspirants should revise their readings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Mistake 3: Not Attempting Mock Test

Candidates sometimes read many things but they do not practice in the exam-like condition to stimulate proper response and check their performance. This leads to a lack of practice and the student ultimately fails to perform on the exam day. To clear the UPPSC PSC exam, you must outperform most of your competitors. For this, practice is most important.

Mistake 4: Not Know the Power of NCERT

The student thinks UPPSC PSC asks very high-level questions which can be answered only from very expensive books or coaching materials. Most of them do not realize that the UPPSC PSC exam always has many questions from basic books like NCERT. It is advised before taking any standard books you should first clear your concept from NCERT. 

Mistake 5: Not having a study Plan

A study plan helps you to see how you spend your time and ensures that you are doing your preparation in an organized manner. Proper planning will help you to succeed in any exam. It gives you a sense of direction. Having a Study plan will help you to increase your productivity.

Mistake 6: Wasting time on irrelevant news

Many aspirants waste so much time reading irrelevant news. So don’t waste more than 1.5 hours reading the newspaper and you must be smart enough to find the right topics from current affairs, as well as those related to subjects to gather relevant information. 

Mistake 7: Lack of Guidance

There is a famous saying  “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”. Teachers & mentors do the same thing in a student’s life by helping them in learning and achieving their goals. You must have someone who can guide and constantly motivate you in the UPPSC PSC journey.

Mistake 8: Wasting time on too many resources

Many aspirants collect multiple books for a single subject and this way they collect a lot of resources but couldn’t prepare well. No aspirants ever have cleared the UPPSC PSC exam by referring to the multitude of sources.  You should not waste your time and money on collecting too many resources. Your objective is not just to read the books, you should imbibe and memorize the knowledge. 

Mistake 9: Not Analyzing Papers

In many PSC question papers, many times examiner repeats the themes of the questions asked in the previous year’s exams. But many students do not analyze the past paper, they just get lost in the hype created by the social media and coaching industry around current affairs and neglect the core areas from where UPPSC PSC has been asking questions. You should analyze the trend of questions asked in the UPPSC PSC paper.

Mistake 10: Not Choosing the right optional subject

Many aspirants choose the most opted subject or the one selected by the previous year’s toppers. They do not analyze whether the opted subject suitable for them or not. So, aspirants must explore their strong subjects and choose accordingly.

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