Ctrl E is Used For

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Control+E, ^e, and C-e, Ctrl+E is a keyboard shortcut that changes according to the program. Ctrl + e is used for many programs for example in ms word or PowerPoint, it is used to change the alignment of a line or centered the text. 

  • In a google sheet, Ctrl+ e collapses an expanded array formula.
  • In firefox, internet explorer, opera, chrome Control + E opens the search bar, the address bar, or Omnibox.
  • In Skype, pressing ctrl + e end up the current call.

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Uses Of Ctrl E

Programs Purpose

Internet Browser

To open the address bar, search bar, omnibox

Microsoft PowerPoint

To align any text, image, or other objects with the center of the slide.

Microsoft Word

To align the line or selected text 

Google Sheets

To reduce extended array formulas.
 Skype To hang up the current call.


Ctrl E is Used For 

Ctrl E is used for many programs such as in the internet browser it is used to open the address box or search box, for MS office ctrl e is used for the alignment of any object in the center whereas to hang up the call on Skype Control e is used.

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