Allahabad High Court RO ARO General Science Preparation 2022 – Important Topics and Questions

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Allahabad High Court RO ARO General Science Preparation, Important Topics, and Questions!! Allahabad High Court is soon going to conduct the recruitment test for the vacancies in the post of Review Officer and Assistant Review Officer. In this article, we will see the complete preparation tips for AHC ARO ARO General Science Syllabus. Sincere candidates preparing for AHC RO ARO 2022 Exam must read this article carefully to get insights on the best method to prepare for General Science for Allahabad High Court RO ARO 2022 Exam.

Allahabad High Court RO ARO General Science: Preparation, Important Topics, and Questions!! 

National Testing Agency is going to conduct the Allahabad High Court RO ARO 2022 Exam for various vacancies. The exam dates will be announced soon. This is a golden opportunity for candidates who have been preparing for government jobs in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The single-day objective paper of the AHC RO ARO exam will consist of a 3-hour computer-based test for 200 marks and a 20-minute computer typing test. In this article, we will discuss the role of General Science in qualifying the AHC RO ARO 2022 test. We will also see the important tips on General Science preparation based on the official syllabus provided by the NTA. We will also see a few questions to provide you with a comprehensive idea of the type of questions to be expected in the AHC RO ARO 2022 Exam.

First, let us see the official syllabus of the AHC RO ARO 2022 Exam:

AHC RO ARO 2022 Official Syllabus:

Here is the Official Syllabus for Part-1 and Part-2 Paper of Allahabad High Court Recruitment Test 2022:

AHC RO ARO 2022 Paper Part-1 Syllabus AHC RO ARO 2022 Paper Part-2 Syllabus
Part-I: Multiple Choice Objective Questions from :
(A) General Science
(B) History of India
(C) Indian National Movement
(D) Indian Polity, Economy and Culture
(E) Indian Agriculture, Commerce and Trade
(F) Population, Ecology, and Urbanisation
(in Indian Context)
(G) World Geography and Geography and Resources
of India
(H) Current National and International Important
(I) General Aptitude
(J) Special Knowledge regarding Education, Culture,
Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Living and
Social Traditions of Uttar Pradesh
(K) Knowledge of General English and General Hindi
of Graduation Level
(L) Elementary Knowledge of Computers.
Part-II: Computer Knowledge Test
A candidate shall be provided with a text in English of approximately
500 words on a computer which he/she shall be required to
reproduce on the computer in the same format

As seen above, General Science is the first and foremost topic mentioned in the official Allahabad High Court RO ARO Syllabus. From the analysis of previous year papers, it is clear that candidates can expect 15-20 questions from the General Science subject in their AHC RO ARO 2022 Exam. Such a big share in the question paper makes the subject extremely important.

Now, let us see a few sources to cover the General Science Syllabus:

AHC RO ARO 2022 Books and Sources

  • Lucent’s General Science
  • NCERT’s until Class X
  • BYJU’s Exam Prep Notes
  • Daily Free Mock Tests on BYJU’s Exam Prep

The above 3 sources are more than sufficient to cover the complete syllabus of General Science for the AHC RO ARO 2022 Exam.

Important Topics from General Science for AHC RO ARO 2022 

Questions on General Science will cover general appreciation and understanding of Science including matters of everyday observation and experience, as may be expected of a well-educated person, who has not made a special study of any scientific discipline. Hence, the questions asked shall not be higher than high school level physics, chemistry, and biology. Candidates preparing for RO ARO 2022 Exam must note that after analysis of previous year question papers of AHC RO ARO, the following topics from General Science have been most repeatedly asked in the examination:


  • Classification of Animal Kingdom
  • Plant and Animal Cell Structure
  • Nutrition in Plants and Animals
  • Various functionary systems in the human body like the Circulatory system, Digestive System, Reproductive system, etc.
  • Human Diseases
  • Genetics
  • Vitamins


  • Inventions and Measuring Devices
  • Solar System and Earth
  • Refraction and Reflection
  • Light, Mirrors, and Lenses
  • Sound Waves, Fundamental Forces in Nature
  • Radioactivity
  • Heat and Work
  • Electric Current
  • Satellites and Space Missions 


  • Matter and its States
  • Atomic Structure
  • Chemical Bonds and reactions were seen in everyday life
  • Acids, Bases, and Salts
  • Soaps and Detergents, Baking Soda
  • Ores and Minerals
  • The atmosphere and Greenhouse gases
  • Disease caused by various pollutants

Current Affairs

Apart from the above topics the recent development in current affairs related to science must also be covered by the candidates, Few topics are listed below:

  • India and World space developments
  • Nobel Prizes
  • Renewable Energy Developments
  • Government Schemes to promote Science and Technology
  • Recent developments in Computing

Preparation Tips for General Science for AHC RO ARO 2022

Here are a few relevant preparation tips the candidates can follow to strengthen their General Science preparation for Allahabad High Court RO ARO 2022 Examination:

  • Understand the demand of the Exam by going through the previous year Allahabad High Court RO ARO Question Papers.
  • Take a note of the above-listed topics and also analyze and go through the topics yourself as well.
  • Make a study plan for General Science separately which included first readings, revisions, and Mock tests, and follow this study plan religiously.
  • Do not fall prey to the multiple books available in the market under the name of Allahabad High Court RO ARO 2022 Exam. Stick to the standard sources given above.
  • After you have studied a topic, make sure to practice previous year’s papers of the same topic using GhatnaChakra and BYJU’s Exam Prep(Thousands of Mock Tests are available for free on the App).
  • Having a strong revision plan, revision is the key to making sure that you do not miss any questions in the exam.
  • Do not ignore any topic because the next candidates will not. If a topic gets frustrating circle back to it after reading something else.

AHC RO ARO Questions:

Here are a few questions that have been asked in the UP RO ARO and other UP State previous year exams, These questions will provide you with an idea on how to pursue general Science for AHC RO ARO 2022 Exam:

Q.1 The Source of Energy in the Ecosystem is?

A) Oxygen

B) Sun


D) Geological Reserves

Q.2 Which of the following layers of the atmosphere is nearest to the surface of Earth?

A) Troposphere

B) Mesosphere

C) Thermosphere

D) Stratosphere

Q.3 Bauxite is the ore of which metal?

A) Aluminium

B) Manganese

C) Copper

D) Zinc

Q.4 Which of the following does not have a nuclear power plant?

A) Kaiga

B) Narora

C) Kundankulam

D) Rampura

Q.5 What is the standard unit of Kinetic Energy

A) Ampere Hour

B) Coulomb

C) Joule

D) Kilowatt Hour

All the Best!!

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