How to Study Polity for UPPSC Prelims? Know Important Tips to Score Good Marks in Exam!

By Brajendra|Updated : June 9th, 2022

UPPSC Prelims Polity Important Tips: Polity is the study of the system of government. Polity deals with the functioning of the various branches of government like the legislature, executive, and judiciary in the country.  After reading this subject, the aspirant gets an understanding of the government system and various constitutional and other authorities in the country. There is a huge weightage of Polity in the UPPSC PSC Preliminary Exam. 

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This article provides a complete strategy with important topics to focus on while preparing polity for UPPSC Prelims. 

First, let us look at the number of questions asked every year from polity in UPPSC PSC Prelims.

S. No.

YearNumber of Question Asked

Important sources of Polity

S. No.

Book Name

Author Name

Publication House


  • Class 9th NCERT- Democratic Politics- 1
  • Class 10th NCERT Democratic Politics-2
  • Class 11th NCERT Indian Constitution at Work
  • Class 12th NCERT Contemporary World Politics and Politics in India since Independence 




Indian Polity

M. Laxmikanth

Mc Graw Hill


Introduction to the Constitution of India

D D Basu

Lexis Nexis


Ghatna Chakra General Studies Indian Polity & Governance


Ghatna Chakra

Important Areas to be focussed in Polity

Indian Polity: Historical Evolution, Fundamental Rights, DPSP, Appointment and remove procedure of various heads, Local Government, and various Recent Supreme Court Judgement,  Parliament, Local Self Government, SFC, SEC, Centre-State, Inter-State Relationship, Amendment of the Constitution, Parliamentary System, Federal System, Various Features of Indian Constitution, Constitutional Body, Making of the Indian Constitution (Constituent Assembly and sources of the constitution), The Preamble of the Constitution, UTs, Citizenship, Parts, Scheduled, Fundamental Rights (FR) & Fundamental Duties (FD), Non-Constitutional Bodies of India, Important Cases, Prime Minister & CoM, Parts, Schedules, Directive Principles & State Policies (DPSP), President of India (Qualification, Election, Impeachment, Power etc.), Governor, Chief Ministers & State Council of Ministers, State Legislative, Judiciary (PIL), Miscellaneous,.

Here are some of the important tips that will help you to prepare Polity for UPPSC Prelims.

  • Many topics in the polity are difficult to remember like articles, constitutional and legal provisions etc. Therefore, a book that covers all the aspects is required, students can refer to Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth. It will help you to tackle more than 90% of the polity questions easily. But don’t read this book from start to end (but focus on only some exceptional chapters).
  • Read various organs of the government for example- Read President with Governor, Prime Minister with Chief Minister, Parliament with State Legislature, Supreme Court with High Court etc. 
  • There are many resources available to boost your preparation like Yojana, Kurukshetra (for governance issues), PIB (Press Information Bureau), PRS, and ARC Reports (for Mains Exam perspective). 
  • Make sure you pay special attention to news items and editorials that are either related to the Indian Constitution or the national as well as international political systems, in one way or the other.
  • Make a schedule with an orderly and systematic approach that helps you to sail through the exam. 
  • Take some previous year and sample papers and start solving questions. Identify the mistakes and rectify them on time.
  • Repeat as much as you can, because it will help you to remember things in a better way.


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  • Panchayati Raj and municipalities

    • Elections, auditing, powers and authority of panchayats.
    • 3 tier structure.
    • 73rd Amendment Act and 74th Amendment Act.
    • Relation with FR and DPSP.
    • Schemes introduced.
    • Metropolitan planning committee and urban development.
    • Reservation.

  • Yes. Laxmikant is sufficient for Polity. But it needs to be studied thoroughly by clearing all the concepts. If one has time, NCERTs of Polity (Political theory and Indian Constitution at work) can be referred for having a clear understanding of Polity.

  • You should be able to cover complete topic of polity for UPPSC prelims. recall all of the fundamental rights, article-wise questions make a proper notes and revise regular basis.

  • The number of questions asked every year from polity in UPPSC PSC Prelims. see the list Below:

    1. 2022 - 20 Questions
    2. 2019 - 17 Questions
    3. 2018 - 18 Questions

    Every year almost 20-25 questions are asked from this section.

  • Strategy to revise Polity in 7 Days- UPPSC Prelims. Before starting with the strategy it is very important for you to make a time-table for the revision. Devote 8-10 hours for studying. Include revising Current Affairs in your schedule, for instance, while revising Laxmikant, you can revise the current affairs of polity.


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