Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner in India?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The Chief Election Commissioner in India is appointed by the President. He is a member of the Indian Civil Service, normally selected from the Indian Administrative Service. The Election Commission of India, chaired by the Chief Election Commissioner of India, is a body with constitutional authority to oversee free and fair elections for the President and Vice-President, as well as state and national legislatures. 

Appointment of Chief Election Commissioner in India

The elections in the states for panchayats and municipalities are not handled by the Election Commission. The Indian Constitution established a separate State Election Commission to handle that. The Election Commissioners Amendment Act of 1989 changed the commission from a single-member body to one with multiple members.

The Election Commission is composed of the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and any Additional Election Commissioners appointed by the President from time to time. The CEC and two Election Commissioners are its current members.

  • The Chief Electoral Officer, an IAS rank Officer, assists the state-level election commission.
  • They have a fixed term of six years, or until they reach the age of 65, whichever comes first.
  • They have the same privileges and status as Indian Supreme Court (SC) judges, including the same pay and benefits.


Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner in India?

The President of India appoints the Chief Election Commissioner in India. Once the Chief Election Commissioner is appointed by the President, his removal for misconduct is very complicated as it requires two-thirds of the members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to be present and vote against him.

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