Root Words of English: JUS/JUR/JUD Law & Justice

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : February 14th, 2022

Root Words of English: JUS/JUR/JUD: We have shared with you the next edition of our series on "Roots of English". Time and again we have reiterated that learning root words will help you build your vocabulary.

In today's post, along with the root words, we shall be giving you the pronunciation along with the meaning. Along with this, we give you images too.

This will help you retain the words and their meanings and help you process and retain information much faster and with more reliability. 

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The English language is made up of four parts. These are:

Now if you learn these roots, you can figure out the meaning of hundreds of English language words without even knowing their exact meaning. Before we go further, let us answer some basic questions for you first.

Q. What is a "root"? 

Ans: Root is the part of the word which gives instructions to a word.

Q. How many parts is a word made up of? 

Ans: Word is made up of three parts.

  1. Prefix 
  2. Root 
  3. Suffix

For example – Anti-capital-ist

Here 'Anti' is a prefix, 'capital' is the root and 'ist' is the suffix.

PREFIX is a word, letter, or number placed before another. SUFFIX is a letter or a group of letters added to the end of a word to change its meaning.

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Root Word: JUR/JUS/JUD 

Now today we have taken 'Jur/Jus/Jud'as a ROOT which has meaning: Law and Justice

Now with the help of these roots, you can come out with the conclusion of several other English words. Such as:

1)  Juror:- (ju-ror) - 

Meaning: One who serves by law on a jury, Citizen serving as a member of a jury.

Usage - If you ever get called to be a juror you should take in every piece of information impartially and make the correct decision.

2) Perjure:- (pur-jer) -

Meaning: wilfully tell an untruth or make a misrepresentation under oath; commit perjury.

Usage  - She would rather perjure herself than admit to her sins. 

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3) Adjure:- (uh-jur) -

Meaning: To bind as if by solemn oath, request or urge someone to do something

Usage - The judge will adjure the witnesses to speak only the truth while testifying in favour of the defendant.

4) Abjure:-- (ab-jure) - 

Meaning: to break the law by lying, to break a formal promise, to break an oath, To swear away under oath 

Usage - Because the lawyer felt his potential client was uncooperative, he decided to abjure the case and let another attorney handle it.

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5) Jurisdiction:-- (jur-is-dik-shun) - 

Meaning: The legal right and power to hear and determine a cause, the valid power to make official decisions and rulings

Usage - Our state police do not have jurisdiction to follow the criminals into another state.

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6) Jurist:- (jur-ist) -

Meaning: One who is versed in law, an individual with a deep awareness of the law

Usage - Since I know my uncle has been a judge for fifteen years, I highly respect him as a jurist.

2) Conjure:- (con-jure) - 

Meaning: To swear together; to imagine; to entreat; as conjure the king to be merciful 

Usage - The students conjured a clever scheme to raise the money they needed.

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8) Justification:- (juhs-tuh-fi-key-shun) -  the action of showing something to be right or reasonable, an explanation of how something is reasonable or correct

Usage -  When the state government decided to close several public libraries, it used budget cuts as its justification.

9)Just:- (just)  -

Meaning: based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair, a person has chosen to interpret laws, decide on a winner, or settle a

Usage:- We should think before doing any action whether it is just or not.

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We hope you found this article interesting and helpful in enhancing your vocabulary. We will come back soon with our new edition on the same topic. Also, you can go through our previous articles from the list given below:

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