Roots of English - 36 - Learn many English words through their roots

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : January 21st, 2022

Roots of English - 36 - Learn many English words: Roots of English is one of the easiest ways to learn many English words in one go.

One root word unlocks the meanings of many words. The images with the words have an impact that lasts for a long time. These roots of English helps you in building your vocabulary with pronunciation so that you can use the word with appropriate pronunciation. Today we are presenting one more article of our series "Roots of English" which will help you in enhancing your vocab. We hope that this will be helpful for you in learning some new words in an amusing way.

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The English language is made up of four parts. These are -


Now if you learn these roots, you can figure out the meaning of hundreds of English language words without even knowing their exact meaning. Before we go further, let us answer some basic questions for you first.

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What is a root?

A root is the part of the word which gives instructions to a word.

How many parts is a word made of?

A word is made up of three parts.

For example – Irregularity

Here 'Irr' is a prefix, 'regular' is the root and 'ity' is the suffix.

Note: PREFIX is a word, letter or number placed before another.

SUFFIX is a letter or a group of letters added to the end of a word to change its meaning.

Root word for today: CERT

Now today we have taken 'CERT ' as a ROOT which has a meaning: Sure

 Now with the help of this one root, you can come out with the conclusion of several other English words. Such as:

1) Certitude- ( cer-ti-tude) - the condition of being certain or sure about something, absolute certainty or conviction that something is the case.

Usage - Everyone believed the journalist’s fake story because she wrote it with such certitude.

2) Recertifying  - re-cer-ti-fy-ing) - faithfulness to one's duties; accuracy, or exact correspondence to some given quality or fact

Usage - Man tells me I got to be recertified because the regulations are changing.

3) Disconcert (dis-con-cert) - to throw into confusion, to uncertain something

Usage - we were disconcerted by the unexpected changes to the program

4) Ascertain: - ( as-er-teyn) -learn or discover with certainty; determine

Usage -  From looking at Monica's grim face, I was able to ascertain she was in emotional distress.

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5) Uncertified - (un-cer-ti-fied) - without a  certainty or valid certificate of qualification or guarantee

Usage - School districts are allowed to hire uncertified teachers for specific assignments.

6) Concert:- (con-cert) - agreement or certainty in design or plan

Usage - When workers came together for a concerted protest, employers had no choice but to increase the minimum wage.

7) Certs: - (certs) - something that is certain to happen

Usage - There are no such things as a cert in horse racing.

8) Certifier : - (cer-ti-fi-er) -   to confirm or attest (to), usually in writing  

Usage - This company is the only certifier of the material used in this costly product.

“Roots of English”

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  • There are mainly 4 types of  Roots of English-

  • A root is the part of a word that gives the word instructions.

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