One dyne is equal to ________ Newton?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : September 29th, 2022

(A) 105

(B) 10-5

(C) 106

(D) 10-6

One dyne is equal to 10-5 Newton. First, understand what Newton is. It is the Force SI unit. It is comparable to 100,000 dynes and is equal to the force necessary to accelerate a kilogram of mass by one meter per second. 1 dyne = 10-5 Newton.


  • The amount of force multiplied by the distance the thing traveled in the direction of the applied force is how much work is done on an object.
  • The joule (1 joule = 1 Newton-meter) is the unit of labor.
  • If an object has no displacement, then the work that a force does on it is zero.
  • It is the dot product of displacement and force.
  • It has a scalar value.
  • W = F.s cosθ. (F= Force, s= Displacement).


One dyne is equal to ________ Newton? (A) 105 (B) 10-5 (C) 106 (D) 10-6

10-5 Newton is equal to one dyne.


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