KSET Syllabus 2023: Download Paper 1 & Paper 2 Syllabus PDF

KSET Syllabus 2023: Download Paper 1 & Paper 2 Syllabus PDF

ByNikhil Verma  |  Updated on: Jan 3, 2023
KSET Syllabus 2023: Know the subject-wise detailed Karnataka State Eligibility Test Centre Syllabus for Paper 1 and Paper 2. Candidates can also download the subject wise PDF of syllabus below.

The University of Mysore will published the KSET Syllabus 2023. There are two sections i.e. Paper1 and Paper 2. Topics from the "General Paper" are covered in Paper 1 , and the 40-subject Paper II that will be released. Before starting any exam preparation, candidates should know the exam pattern and topics needed to prepare well and study only those required topics.

The first stage in exam preparation is becoming familiar with the KSET Syllabus. Karnataka State Eligibility Test is a highly competitive exam conducted to select candidates for the role of Assistant Professor in colleges across the state of Karnataka. For additional information about the KSET Syllabus, Candidates can check more information below.

KSET Syllabus 2023

Along with the official notification, the updated KSET Syllabus 2023 will be released soon. To be eligible for the KSET Exam, Candidates must be well-prepared for the comprehensive KSET Syllabus. Paper 1 has a weightage of 100 marks, and the duration for this is 1 hour. Paper 2 is for 200 marks, and the duration for this is 2 hours. The syllabus hasn't changed in a while and won't change for the KSET 2023 exam either. Candidates must begin their preparation with the topics that contain maximum weightage in the syllabus.

The exam consists of Paper 1 and Paper 2, which are the two papers. Paper 1 is common for all candidates. However, Paper 2 is subject-specific. The KSET Syllabus is extensive, and studying for the exam in advance is required. The syllabus also includes several important subtopics for efficient exam preparation. The KSET Syllabus provided here will assist you in determining the vital aspects of each subject and in developing an effective study plan.

KSET Syllabus for Paper 1

KSET Paper 1 consists of 50 objective-type questions with a total mark of 100. Paper 1 was divided into 10 sections according to the complete KSET Subject-Wise syllabus below. The weight of each section is the same: 5 Questions (5*2=10 marks) from each section. This exam is administered in offline mode. Candidates can check the KSET Syllabus for Paper 1 in the table below. 

KSET Syllabus 2023: Paper 1
Teaching AptitudeTeaching.
Learning Characteristic.
Factor Affecting Teaching.
Teaching Support System.
Evaluation System.
Research AptitudeMeaning of Research
Types and Characteristics of Research
Steps of Research
Method of Research
Research Ethics
Papers and Articles
Conferences and Seminars
Thesis Writing
Reading ComprehensionA passage will be set with questions to be answered from within the passage.
CommunicationNature of Communication
Types of Communication
Characteristics of Communication
Barriers of Communication
Effective Classroom Communication
ReasoningLetter Series
Number Series
Set Theory
Logical ReasoningUnderstanding the Structure of Arguments
Evaluating & Distinguish Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
Verbal Analogy
Word Analogy
Verbal Classification
Venn Diagram
Analytical Reasoning
Data InterpretationSources, Acquisition, and Interpretation
Qualitative and Quantitative Data
Graphical Representation
Mapping of Data
Information & Communication TechnologyICT Meaning
Advantages and Disadvantages
General Abbreviations & Terminology
Basic of Internet
People and EnvironmentPeople and Environment Interaction
Sources of Pollution
Pollutants and Impact on human life
Natural Hazards and mitigations
Exploitations of Nature and Energy Resources
Higher Education System: Polity, Governance, and AdministrationStructure of Institution for Higher Learning and Research in India.
Formal and Distance Education
Technical, Professional, and General Education 
Value Education: Polity, Governance, Administration

KSET Syllabus for Paper 2

The subject that the candidate chooses will be the subject of Paper 2 of the KSET exam. Any of the 41 subjects are up for selection by the candidate. There will be 100 questions on this exam, each worth two marks. All questions will be compulsory. Candidates can download the KSET Syllabus for Paper 2 from the official website of the University of Mysore. Candidates can check and can download the KSET Syllabus PDF for Paper 2 below

Subject CodeKSET Syllabus PDF Download
00KSET Syllabus for General Paper
01KSET Syllabus for Commerce
02KSET Syllabus for Kannada
03KSET Syllabus for Economics
04KSET Syllabus for English
05KSET Syllabus for Political Science
06KSET Syllabus for History
07KSET Syllabus for Sociology
08KSET Syllabus for Geography
09KSET Syllabus for Hindi
10KSET Syllabus for Management
11KSET Syllabus for Tourism Administration
12KSET Syllabus for Education
13KSET Syllabus for Library & Information Science
14KSET Syllabus for Mass Communication & Journalism
15KSET Syllabus for Psychology
16KSET Syllabus for Social Work
17KSET Syllabus for Criminology
18KSET Syllabus for Law
19KSET Syllabus for Sanskrit
20KSET Syllabus for Physical Education
21KSET Syllabus for Folk Literature
22KSET Syllabus for Urdu
23KSET Syllabus for Public Administration
24KSET Syllabus for Computer Science & Applications
25KSET Syllabus for Physical Science
26KSET Syllabus for Mathematical Science
27KSET Syllabus for Chemical Science
28KSET Syllabus for Life Science
29KSET Syllabus for Environmental Science
30KSET Syllabus for Home Science
31KSET Syllabus for Electronic Science
32KSET Syllabus for Earth Science
33KSET Syllabus for Archaeology
34KSET Syllabus for Anthropology
35KSET Syllabus for Marathi
36KSET Syllabus for Philosophy
37KSET Syllabus for Women Studies
38KSET Syllabus for Linguistics
39KSET Syllabus for Performing Arts
40KSET Syllabus for Music
41KSET Syllabus for Visual Arts

How to Prepare KSET Syllabus 2023?

Candidates should begin their preparation as soon as feasible because the exam will cover a wide range of topics. The KSET Syllabus 2023 may appear difficult and hard for test-takers to study for. Candidates can check the comprehensive KSET Preparation Tips to assist and build confidence for the exam.

  • Before starting their exam preparation, candidates must review the syllabus and the KSET Exam Pattern.
  • Candidates ought to create a strategy that emphasises more challenging topics.
  • Candidates must develop a successful study plan and start reading.
  • Give each subject the time it deserves, with emphasis on the weaker ones.
  • Learn the time-saving shortcuts so you have more time for other exam questions.
  • Taking notes on topics that need constant revision is also advised.
  • Candidates must test your knowledge by completing practice tests and KSET Question Papers from previous years to pinpoint your areas of weakness. It will also assist you in sharpening your accuracy and time management abilities.
  • Plan your study time well to give both strong and weak topics adequate attention.
  • Take practice exams frequently to track your development and mistakes.

Best Books for KSET Syllabus 2023

If you want to be well-prepared, it's essential to select the right book for the KSET Syllabus 2023. Reading books can teach candidates a lot about a subject. Candidates can take notes without being distracted by the internet or other things. The Best KSET Books are listed below.

NTA UGC NET/JRF/SET- Teaching and Research AptitudeK V S Madaan
NTA UGC NET General Paper 1 BookArihant Publication
Truman's UGC NET CommercePraveen Kataria
UGC NET/JRF/SET EnglishArihant Experts
UGC NET Political ScienceRukmini Bhattacharjee
Truman’s UGC NET Sociology S. Hussain
UGC NET/SET ManagementMohit Aggarwal

KSET Syllabus FAQs

  • The University of Mysore, KSET Centre has defined the KSET Syllabus, which is the organization in charge of administering the KSET Exam. The syllabus is divided into two parts Paper 1 and Paper 2 syllabus. Paper 1 is common for all, whereas paper 2 syllabus is defined for each subject listed in the syllabus, including commerce, sociology, Hindi, English, Urdu, Mass Communication, etc.

  • KSET Syllabus for Paper 1 consists of 10 subjects. The subjects include Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Reading Comprehension, Communication, Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Information & Communication Technology, People and Environment, and Higher Education Systems, which include Polity, Governance, and Administration. KSET Paper 1 has 50 objective-type questions and is for 100 marks.

  • KSET Paper 2 lasts two hours and carries 200 marks. The subjects chosen by the candidates will be considered for Paper 2. KSET Syllabus for Paper 1 consists of 41 subjects. The subjects include General Paper, Commerce, Kannada, Economics, English, Political Science, etc.

  • The major difference between KSET Paper 1 and the Paper 2 Syllabus is that Paper 1 will be a compulsory paper focusing on general teaching and research aptitude. In contrast, Paper 2 will be a subject-based paper focusing on the candidate's subjects when filling out their application forms.

  • KSET Syllabus PDF has been provided above for Paper 1 and Paper 2 to download. Alternatively, you can also visit the University of Mysore, KSET Centre's official website, to download the syllabus PDF. With the help of the KSET Syllabus PDF, Candidates will know the subtopics they must study.

  • The KSET Syllabus is important for exam preparation. It informs you of the topics and subtopics you need to learn. The steps to take to study the KSET Syllabus are listed below:

    • Read the list of exam subjects and subtopics provided for each subject.
    • Once familiar with the syllabus, you can simultaneously practice the questions based on it and finish the previous year's exam papers.
    • Make sure to examine your results and, where necessary, take steps to enhance them.
  • No, there hasn't been a syllabus change for the KSET in a while. For all subjects, the syllabus is unchanged. Students must, however, practice for Paper 1 for at least six months before the exam.