KSET Salary 2023: Job Profile and Career Growth, Pay Slip

KSET Salary 2023: Job Profile and Career Growth, Pay Slip

ByNikhil Verma  |  Updated on: Jan 4, 2023
The University of Mysore has revised the KSET Salary 2023 as per the 7th Pay Commission. Check out the KSET In-Hand Salary, Job Profile, Basic Pay, Allowances along with other details below.

The University of Mysore releases the official notification, which contains the details for the KSET Salary 2023 for the post of Assistant Professor. Along with the basic salary, the payment structure designed for KSET Recruitment includes a few additional benefits and allowances. The basic pay ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 for the candidates who pass the KSET Recruitment exam. During their probationary time, they are given this pay.

The candidates are eligible for a pay raise in their basic salary following the end of the probationary period. The candidates also receive additional benefits like Dearness Allowance, Travel Allowances, House Rent Allowances, and so on, in addition to their base salary.

KSET Salary 2023

Candidates chosen for Assistant Professor positions through the KSET Exam are eligible for a respectable salary in addition to various benefits and allowances. The KSET Salary and Basic Pay for candidates chosen for the position of associate professor through the KSET Exam range from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000. During the beginning of the training or probation term, compensation will be provided. The pay will change depending on the candidate's performance on the KSET Exam. 

Candidates who pass the KSET Recruitment 2023 exam and are hired are eligible for basic pay as determined by the 7th Pay Commission. Candidates receive an increase in their base wage once their probationary period is over. The salary ranges for applicants are as follows: 9300 - 34800, 5200 - 20200, 67000 - 79000, 15600 - 39100, 75500 - 80000, 37400 - 67000, 90000, 80000, based on the 7th pay commission. The chosen applicants will probably receive benefits and allowances in addition to the salary following the 7th Pay Commission.

KSET Salary 2023: Grade Pay and Basic Pay

As per the 7th Central Pay Commission, candidates can find complete information about KSET Grade Pay and Basic Pay for Assistant Professor and Professor Posts below.

Assistant Professor Jobs Levels

Assistant Professor Salary and Professor Salary in India (Grade Pay)

Salary Structure of Assistant Professor and Professor (Entry Pay)

10 (Assistant Professor)

Rs. 6000

Rs. 21600

11 (Assistant professor)

Rs. 7000

Rs. 25790

12 (Assistant Professor)

Rs. 8000

Rs. 29900

13 (Associate Professor)

Rs. 9000

Rs. 49200

14 (Professor)

Rs. 10000

Rs. 53000

15 (Professor)


Rs. 67000

KSET Salary Structure 2023

The candidates selected as Assistant Professors through the KSET 2023 are eligible for a respectable salary and various benefits and allowances. Below is a summary of the KSET Assistant Professor's pay scale:

  • According to the 7th Pay Commission, the individuals hired as Assistant Professors through the KSET Recruitment 2023 examination are eligible for basic pay.
  • The initial basic wage ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000, which is provided to the KSET recruit throughout the probationary term.
  • The candidates receive an increase in the basic wage that is offered to them once the probationary term is over.
  • The candidates are paid according to eight pay bands, which are as follows: 9300 - 34800, 5200 - 20200, 67000 - 79000, 15600 - 39100, 75500 - 80000, 37400 - 67000, 90000, 80000.
  • In addition to the basic pay, candidates are also eligible for additional benefits and benefits as specified by the 7th Commission, such as Dearness Allowances, Grade Pay, and so on.

The pay scale for the Assistant Professor, Senior Level Assistant Professor, and Professor posts offered by the KSET is provided in the table below.

Pay Scale ParametersProfessorAssistant ProfessorSenior Assistant Professor
Grade PayRs. 10000Rs. 6000Rs. 7000
Existing Pay ScaleRs. 116070Rs. 47304Rs. 56480
New Pay ScaleRs. 144200Rs. 57700Rs. 68900

KSET Salary 2023: Allowances

The candidates selected for the position of Assistant Professor through KSET 2023 are also eligible for some allowances in addition to the basic pay granted to them. The benefits offered to KSET Assistant Professor candidates are listed below.

  • Basic Pay.
  • Grade Pay.
  • Dearness Allowances (DA).
  • Travel Allowances. 
  • House Rent Allowances (HRA).
  • Total Pay.

KSET Job Profile and Responsibilities

Candidates who clear the KSET Recruitment 2023 exam are appointed to Assistant Professor positions at government colleges and universities. Additionally, the University of Mysore issues a certificate to the candidates that is valid for a few years. The significant roles and responsibilities given to KSET candidates are listed below:

  • The individuals who are chosen to be Assistant Professors through KSET will serve as a facilitator for their overall development.
  • The recruits are responsible for developing the candidates' talents and pointing them in the appropriate way.
  • They must teach the students about the relevant subjects in a way that will help them understand the subject more clearly.
  • The selected candidate must make sure they finish the full prescribed course within the allotted time frame, as given by the University of Mysore.
  • Developing the skills of their students is another duty of the assistant professor.
  • The student's questions, confusions, and uncertainties must all be cleared out by the assistant professor.
  • Additionally, the KSET assistant professor is responsible for monitoring and controlling class attendance each day.
  • The applicants must also help the other candidates with their assignments and assess their performance.

KSET Career Development and Promotion 2023

Promotions and career progress are also possible for those selected in the KSET Recruitment exam 2023. After passing the examination, the candidates are hired for the position of assistant professor. These Assistant Professors are promoted to senior-level positions after the probationary period is over. Moving forward, the recruits are also given the position of Head of the Department depending on the number of years of employment and the experience gained.

However, candidates with a Ph.D. are elevated to the Dean level. Age, seniority, and experience are the three main criteria for every promotion given to new hires. The candidates' salaries will rise with each promotion granted. They receive additional benefits and allowances that are comparable to those of government jobs.

KSET Salary & Job Profile FAQs

  • Along with the base wage, the salary structure created for the KSET Exam also includes various additional benefits and allowances. The basic pay for those selected for the KSET Recruitment examination ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000.

  • The KSET Assistant Professor recruits are given a basic pay between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 40,000. According to the 7th pay commission, the candidates will receive their basic pay. The recruits receive specific benefits and allowances in addition to their base wage, much like government service employees receive.

  • Yes, the KSET Assistant Professor Recruitment does include a clause regarding the range of yearly wage income. The University Grant Commission states that the selected recruits are eligible for an increment twice a year.

  • For the positions of Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, and Professor, the range of the increment in the KSET Assistant Professor Recruitment 2023 will vary between 22% and 28%.

  • Yes, during their probationary time and even after, the KSET Assistant Professor recruits chosen through the KSET Recruitment 2023 exam are entitled to some dearness allowances. Additionally, the recruits are given some benefits and allowances similar to those given to government employees.

  • For the position of Assistant Professor, candidates will be given housing allowances. They can choose housing rent assistance if they do not want to live in the quarters.

  • The KSET Job Profile 2023 states that students won't need to take an exam or assessment. The candidate's performance and experience will be taken into account when deciding whether to promote them. However, certain higher positions in the Hierarchy will call for you to hold a Ph.D.

  • The Basic KSET Salary Structure of an Assistant Professors role includes the following.

    • Basic Pay.
    • DA.
    • Grade Pay.
    • Travel Allowance.
    • HRA.
    • Total Pay.