Who is the Father of Indian Army? – Career, Retirement

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Stringer Lawrence is known as the Father of Indian Army. He joined the army in 1727, serving there and in Flanders before taking part in the Battle of Culloden. He then appears to have served in Gibraltar. He travelled to India in 1748 to take command of the East India Company’s forces, carrying the rank of major and a reputation as an accomplished soldier.

Lawrence served in the army for 20 years, rising from ensign to captain while serving at the Battle of Culloden, Gibraltar, and Flanders (Belgium). In this post, we addressed frequently asked questions about the father of Indian Army, including his career and retirement.

Father of Indian Army

The father of Indian Army is Stringer Lawrence. Early in 1748, he joined the East India Company and oversaw Company forces in Madras (Chennai). He managed to repel a French attack on Cuddalore by June 1748 because of the training he gave his mixed force of Europeans, topasses, and sepoys. He was kidnapped by the French but was freed following the Treaty of Aix-la-Chappelle in 1748.

His subordinate officer in the 1749 capture of Devakottai was Robert Clive, who afterwards became a close companion for life. Lawrence left the British government in 1750 due to a wage disagreement and his displeasure with the administration of the Company. Lawrence departed for England immediately after that, but the Company’s directors soon after requested his services to lead its military forces as commander in chief.

He was appointed commander in chief of all East India Company forces in 1761 and received a royal appointment as a major general and a seat on the council. He retired and departed India in 1766. He spent his retirement years in England as a distinguished guest of his friend Sir Robert Palk, 1st Baronet, at Haldon House in the parish of Dunchideock in Devon. On January 10, 1775, he passed away in London and was laid to rest in the parish church of Haldon House, Dunchideock Church in Devon.


Who is the Father of Indian Army?

Stringer Lawrence is the father of Indian Army. He joined the East India Company at the beginning of 1748 and oversaw Company forces in Madras. In 1761, he was the overall East India Company soldiers’ commander-in-chief. In 1766, he took retirement and left India. As a distinguished guest of his friend Sir Robert Palk, he lived out his retirement years in England. In London, he passed away on January 10, 1775.

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