MPPSC Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 Paper 1: Questions Asked, Attempts, Difficulty Level, Exam Review

By Brajendra|Updated : July 25th, 2021

MPPSC Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 Paper 1: Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has conducted the preliminary round of State Service Examination 2020 on 25th July 2021.

The Exam was conducted in two shifts of 2 hours each. The MPPSC SSE GS Paper 1 question paper consisted of 100 objective type questions with 4 options, each question was allotted 2 marks. 

In this article, we should see a complete MPPSC analysis of the GS Paper 1 and understand the type of questions that were asked in the examination, their difficulty level and subjects that the questions were asked from and will also provide you with an Expected Cut-off for MPPSC SSE 2020-21.

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Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has conducted MPPSC State Services Prelims Examination 2020-2021 on 25th July 2021 across various centres of the state. The MPPSC Prelims exam was conducted in two shifts i.e. Shift 1 (10 AM-12 PM)- GS Paper & Shift 2 (2.15 PM- 4.15 PM)- General Aptitude Test. This time, the overall level of the Prelims Question Paper was the same compared to the MPPSC 2019 Prelims Exam.

The MPPSC Prelims paper-1 consists of 100 objective type questions with four options.

This article includes Subject-wise, Topic Wise analysis, Expected cut off and question paper pdf of MPPSC Exam of paper 1 & paper 2.

MPPSC Prelims Exam Pattern

It is important to understand how the MPPSC question paper is designed to better understand the pre paper analysis. Check the detailed MPPSC exam pattern

MPPSC Prelims Paper Sections

Total Number of Questions

Marks per questions

Time Duration

Paper 1: General Studies

100 Questions

02 marks

2 Hours

Paper 2: General Aptitude Test

100 Questions 

02 Marks

2 Hours





MPPSC Prelims Exam Analysis 2020 (25th July 2021)

General Studies Paper Analysis

Subject-wise MPPSC SSE Prelims Question Paper Analysis 2021

The detailed subject wise analysis follows:

Name of the Topic

Difficulty Level

Total No. Of Questions




Madhya Pradesh Specific GK






National and International Current Affairs



Science & Technology and General Science






Environment and Ecology






History, Art and Culture







Static GK

  1. Who said that “victory of mondu was the key of victory of the south”
  2. Who was the original founder of Bhopal state?
  3. Where was the capital of raja veer Singh dev?
  4. Kailash Satyarthi was born in which district of MP


  1. IPv6 protocol defines an IP address of
  2. It is a method of making automatic predictions about the interest of a user by collecting preferences
  3. Blowfish is a type of 
  4. Which organization developed Indian Robot named ‘Vyommitra’
  5. According to Gartner, a 4-phase maturity model can be arranged 
  6. A social network can be represented by
  7. What does PUMA stand for
  8. Which is not a type of secondary memory?
  9. What is XML stands for

Sports and Awards

  1. Which is the highest award given by the MP govt to sports coaches.
  2. MP Archery Academy established by the Department of Sports and Youth welfare is situated in which city?

Current Affairs of Madhya Pradesh

  1. Chambal Canal Irrigation Project is related with
  2. Which of the following diseases is related to Coronavirus?
  3. Which is the most common tribal in MP?
  4. Akansha scheme is related to
  5. 750 MW Solar Plant is situated in which district of MP

Polity (Madhya Pradesh)

  1. Who among the following Chief Justice of the MP High Court has not been the Judge of the Supreme Court?
  2. The provision of reservation of seats for ST in Municipalities in MP has been made under which of the following Articles of the Constitution
  3. Who among the following Governors of MP has been Chief Minister of Haryana?
  4. Which of the following CMs of MP has not held the office of the leader of opposition in the MP legislative assembly?
  5. MP State election commission was constituted on 
  6. Under which provision, the MP PSC has been constituted?

Geography (Madhya Pradesh)

  1. What percentage of the total forest area of MP, Teak trees are found?
  2. Betwa river originated from?
  3. In which part of MP annual variation in temperature is maximum?
  4. Average temperature increases in summer in MP
  5. The growth rate in the crop sector of MP for the year 2016-17 is
  6. Which of the following minerals is only found in MP?
  7. Panna District of MP famous for?
  8. Jawahar Sagar Hydroelectricity Project is situated on which river
  9. The main Crop of MP is
  10. Which is known as the storehouse of Indian minerals

History and Culture (Madhya Pradesh)

  1. In which city of MP Tribal Museum is situated 
  2. In which city of MP, the Parikrama of 7 seas. 9 Narayanas & 84 Mahadevas
  3. What was the real name of National Poet Balkavi Bairagi?
  4. Bhembetka was discovered by

National and International Current Affairs

  1. Which of the following CPSE doesn’t fall under the category of “Maharatna” listed Jan 2020 by the Department of Public Enterprises
  2. In Feb 2021 which neighbour country face a “coup”
  3. Where does the headQuarter of the International Olympic Committee is situated
  4. Who is the first Indian woman to win an individual Olympic game
  5. Who was the first VC of NITI Ayog
  6. Aim of Janani Suraksha Yojana
  7. Padmashree Bhuri Bai is famous for
  8. The task force of the blue economy for sustainability is a collaboration between India & which country?
  9. In Feb 2021 PM inaugurates the Centenary Celebration.
  10. Phawngpui National Park in Mizoram is also known as

Science & Technology and General Science

  1. Non-metallic mineral is
  2. There are how many pairs of Cranial nerves in human
  3. The pyramid of energy in an ecosystem is
  4. Monosodium glutamate in food is
  5. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves having frequencies in the range of
  6. National Institute of Virology situated at 
  7. The hybrid variety of mango developed from the cross of Neelum & Alphonso is


  1. The committee on the financial sector is co-chaired by whom.
  2. On which date Ombudsman scheme for the NBFC introduced by RBI


  1. How many states & UT was established by 1956, State Restructuring Act?
  2. Which of the following expression is appropriate regarding the message to call a joint sitting of both the houses under Article 108
  3. Match the state and their respective PM and CM (Table was given)
  4. Which of the following types of judges can be appointed in the Supreme Court of India. (ad hoc or Additional judge)
  5. Article 24 of the Constitution of India prohibit the employment of a child in factories related to hazardous work
  6. Given two statements, find the correct one. (A. Duty of comptroller and Auditor General to audit all receipts which are payable into the Consolidated Fund of India. And B. comptroller and Audit General shall have authority to audit account and report on the accounts of stores or stock kept in department of union or state) 
  7. Correct statement regarding Article 368
  8. When were the special rights & privy purse enjoyed by the Indian Princely States?
  9. In which year the last election of Indian Legislature under the Government of India Act, 1919 was held
  10. Who was the first nominated Deputy Chairman of the Constituent Assembly?
  11.  Who is not included in the committee to recommend names for the appointment of Chairperson and Members of State Human Right Commission?
  12. Within how many days an appeal can be made by an aggrieved person by decision of the national green tribunal to the supreme court.
  13. Under which law the state food commission is established
  14. Chief Election Commissioner 
  15. Entry of 7th Schedule
  16. A Joint Public Service Commission may be established for two or more states


  1. Which of the following states recorded the lowest decadal growth rate of the population according to the 2011 Census
  2. Which of the following is not a raw material for the Fertilizer industry 
  3. Which district of MP is having the highest Sex-Ratio?
  4. Match the following Mountain Peaks with their Continent
  5. Match the following Economic Activity with their Country
  6. The Disaster Management Act was made in
  7. Which of the following is not a commercial crop?(Sugarcane, cotton, Banana, Bajra)
  8. Match list 1 and 2 (List 1 Grassland and List 2 Country/Continent)
  9. Which one of the following states has a maximum area under trek forest in India
  10. Match the following parks with their locations
  11. Assertion and Reason  ( Assertion- Punjab, Haryana, UP are major wheat-producing states. Reason-  The well-drained fertile soil, 10-15 degree temp during under winter and about 75 cm annual average rainfall are necessary for wheat production)

History, Art & Culture

  1. Indian Nationalism in the middle of the 19th Century was in the Embryonic Stage.
  2. Who was the Correspondent of the Newspaper Times published from London in 1857?
  3. Who Speaks of India’s Self-Reliant social system The Rural system in India is a tiny Republic.
  4. Ashoka won the Avanti Mahajanpada & merged in the Mauryan Empire during Bindusara rule.
  5. According to Chachanama, what was the Capital of the Indus Country in the 6th & 7th Centuries?
  6. Who is the creator of the Mughal text ‘Masir-A-Alamgiri’?
  7. In what context does ‘Panahi’ & ‘Upanah’ mention in Medieval Indian History?
  8. Who founded the Adi Brahmosamaj?

 MPPSC Expected Cut Off 2021

Factors Determining MPPSC Cut Off 2021

The exam conducting authority shall calculate the MPPSC Cut Off 2021 on the basis of various factors such as the following.

  • The total number of vacancies announced
  • The total number of applicants appearing for the exam
  • Previous year cut off
  • The difficulty level of the exam


No. of Posts

No. of Students Appeared

Cut off

MPPSC 2020-2021

260 ----


MPPSC 2019 -2020


2.3 lakh +


MPPSC 2018


2.4 Lakh


MPPSC 2017


2.3 Lakh


MPPSC Selection Process

The MPPSC Selection Process is for the selection of eligible candidates or the released vacancies across various posts. The MPPSC State Services Examination consists of three phases-

  • Preliminary Examination (Objective Type with Four Options).
  • Mains Examination (Written/Subjective examination).
  • Interview(Personality Test).

The students who qualify for MPPSC Prelims Exam 2021 will appear for the MPPSC SSE Mains Exam 2021.  

Few take away/ Tips for future aspirants

  • Focus on factual aspects, here making synopsis and regular revision hold the key.
  • Special attention to Madhya Pradesh GK, the three acts and Quizzes based on the same.

This is more important for those preparing for UPSC but also aspire to excel in the Madhya Pradesh exam.

  • UPSC aspirants aiming for MPPSC PCS can leverage their UPSC preparation but should have a separate strategy for MP GK, The three acts and Computer science.

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