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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Candidates who are preparing for any of the PCS exams such as MPPSC exams can get the most expected GK questions that we have provided here. We have provided you with the most important GK questions from all the topics that are frequently asked in the MPPSC 2022 exam. The topics include History, Art and Culture, Geography, Environment, General Science, and more question.

Check the latest MP GK in Hindi and English for MPPSC and other exams of the MP state. Madhya Pradesh (MP) GK is a very important topic for all competitive exams which are held by the Madhya Pradesh government. In this post, we will share “MP GK in Hindi & English” with you.

To help students in their exam preparation we at BYJU’S Exam Prep is providing you with General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers which will be helpful in upcoming State PCS and other government exams. Topic-wise most expected GK questions for MPPSC 2022 exam are given below for Indian History, India and World Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Environment & Ecology, Art & Culture, General Science, Science & Technology, etc.

Madhya Pradesh GK includes all important facts from Madhya Pradesh History, Madhya Pradesh Geography, Madhya Pradesh Polity, and Madhya Pradesh Economy.

MP GK in Hindi & English



From the ancient period, how many Mahajan padas are found in M.P.?

Three (3): Avan, Chedi and Vatsa

Which dynasty from the ancient times was the first to establish rule in Madhya Pradesh?

Haihaya dynasty

Name the famous rule of Magadha who was the contemporary of Pradyota.


From which district of MP does the princess of Ashoka hail from?


How many stupas of Ashoka are found in MP?

Four (4)- Sanchi, Barhut, Vidisha, Bhojpur

Name the governor of Vidisha who patronized Kalidas.


During whose reign the Greek ambassador Helidorous visited?


Who built the “Garuda pillar of Vidisha”?


How many rock edicts of Ashoka are found in MP?

Four (4)- Rupnath (Jabalpur), Gujara (Datia)

Saro Maro (Shahdol), Panguara (sehore)

King Mihir Bhoja belonged to which dynasty?

Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty

Who is known as the founder of Malwa Sultanate?

Dilwara Khan Lodhi

Which city of MP is known as the “City of Joy”?


In which battle Baz Bahadur was defeated by the Mughal army?

Battle of Sarangpur

Which city of MP is famous for the “Jhanda Satyagraha” during Indian National Movement?


Which incident is known as Jallianwallah Bagh incident of MP?

Charan Paduka Massacre

From which district does the famous revolutionary Chandra Shekhar Azad hail from?


Vikram Samvat (57 BC) is associated with which ruler, tribe and region?

Ruler: Chandragupta Maurya

Tribe- Malava

Region- Malwa

During whose reign Malwa was brought under the Mughal empire?


Which city is known as the cultural capital of the state?


Punasa forest is found in which region of Madhya Pradesh?

Nimar region

Which personality from MP is known as “Indian Robin Hood”?

Tantiya Bhil


Which state Madhya Pradesh shares the smallest border?


What is the North-south and East-west extent of the geographical space of Madhya Pradesh?


E-W: 870

N-S: 605

How many stupas are found in the state symbol of Madhya Pradesh?


Twenty-Four (24)


Name the state fish of Madhya Pradesh which is known as “Tiger of Water”.

Mahaseer (Found in the Narmada)

Name the smallest district by area and by population in M.P.

By area: Datia

By population: Harda

How many districts does MP share with UP?


Name the newest division of MP.


How many districts of Madhya Pradesh are crossed/touched by the tropic of cancer?

14 districts

Sadhbhavna Shikhar or Goodwill peak falls in which mountain range?

Vindhya Ranges (Damoh Distt)

Which district experiences the minimum rainfall?


Which division of M.P comprises of the largest number of districts?


Name the variety of soil which has the largest/widest occurrence throughout the state?

Black Soil

Niwari, the newest district of MP is carved out of which district?


Alirajpur district of MP shares borders with which two states?

Rajasthan and Gujarat

Name the highest peak of the Malwa Plateau.


Pitampura near Indore is famous for which industries?


How much % of the net sown area is irrigated in MP?

66 %

Which place in Madhya Pradesh is known as the Mecca of Architecture?



Name the first Hindi daily newspaper of Madhya Pradesh.

Malwa Akhbar

Asia’s largest paneer making factory is situated at which place?


Who designed the Bharat Bhavan of Bhopal?

Charles Chorean

Who was the first women governor of Madhya Pradesh?

Sarla Grewal

How many seats are reserved for STs in the Parliament for Madhya Pradesh?

Six (6)

The Bargi dam on Narmada river is named on which fighter/personality?

Rani Avantibai

Name the highest falls of the state.

Chachai Falls on Bihad river which is a tributary of Tons.

Which region of Madhya Pradesh is the highest populated?


Which river forms the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh?


Name the highest peak of the Bundelkhand region or Bhander/kaimur ranges.

Siddha baba hills (1171m)

In which district of M.P. the Great Indian Bustard is found?

Shivpuri (Karera Bird sanctuary)

Which kind of soil is prominently found in the Baghelkhand region?

Red and yellow

The only weather observatory of M.P. is found in which city?


In which major mountain ranges does Rajpipla hills fall?

Satpura Ranges

From how many districts does the Narmada river flows from within the state of M.P.

Fifteen (15)

Chuliya falls are formed on which river?

Chambal River

In which year the department of New and Renewable energy was established in M.P?


Name the first district of MP to get a 24-hour electricity supply.


Bichiya river is situated on the banks of which city?


Mata Tila dam is built on which river?


How much forest area of India falls within the boundary of M.P.?

12 %

How many forest circles are formed in the state?



Which forest circle has the highest reserved forests?


Name the largest forest division of M.P.


Which district is known as the Amla district of M.P?


How many National Parks of MP are covered under the national Project tiger?

Six (6)

First Solar park of India is found at which place?

Ganeshpur (M.P.)

Which is the biggest wildlife sanctuary of M.P.?

Nauradehi Wildlife sanctuary

Which species is covered under Project survival of M.P?


How much percentage of the Country’s soybean is produced by MP?


Which city is famous for grapes in M.P?


Which region is known as the “Storehouse of wheat”?


What is the rank of M.P n the production of cotton?


In which year did M.P release its Bio-mass policy?


Where is the optical fibre industry is located?

Mandideep, Raisen

Which district is famous for the production of tungsten?


In which city ISRO facility is located in M.P.?


Name the poultry product from M.P. which recently has got the GI tag.

Kadaknath Chicken

In which city nuclear powerhouse is found?


At which place the defence vehicle factory is situated?


Name the first hydel power project of the MP government.

Gandhi Sagar Dam project.

What is the length of the Narmada river in M.P.?

1077 km

For which sport Prabhash Joshi award is known?


In which district of MP Phadake studio is situated?


What is the sum of money given as a prize in Kalidas Samman from the MP government?

2 Lakhs

For which state the term “melting point of Diverse culture” is used?

Madhya Pradesh

The famous Ajaygarh fort is a part of which district of MP?


Kumar Gandharva award is related to which field?


For which field “Iqbal award” has been instituted?

Urdu writing


Name the longest state high way of M.P.


In which field Ustad Amir Khan associated with?

Khayal Gayan

How many stations does All India Radio have in M.P?

Five 95)

Where does the fair of Tejaji is organized?

Guna (Bhemavad)

Lakh art is famous in which region of M.P?


At which place Allauddin sangeet samaroh takes place?


Name the personality from M.P who is known as “Indian Soul”.

Makhanlal Chaturvedi

Badhai is a famous dance form of which region?


Khamb Swang is performed by which tribal group?

Korku Tribe

.Abestos are abundantly found in which district of M.P.?


Name the district which has the largest number of industries.


Which district is recorded to have maximum work participation?


Which district of MP has maximum surface water?


How many national highways cross the state in total?


In which district corundum is found?


Name the district of MP which cultivates jatropha which is used in Bio-diesel technology.


Name the first thermal power station of MP.

Chandni power station, Nepanagar (Burhanpur)

Ban Sagar dam project is a joint project of which all states?

MP, UP, Bihar

Eklavya Award is given in which field?

Sports (under 19)

Which village of M.P is the first to produce electricity from biogas?

Karsadgaon, Betul

Varsha Varman, who hails from Bhopal, won a bronze medal in 2014 Asian games. Which sports she is associated with?


Aishbagh stadium of Bhopal is mainly associated with which game?


Name the hockey player of MP who later became the captain of the Pakistan hockey team.

Latif Anwar

Which is the southernmost district of Madhya Pradesh?


In which districts the highest number of tribal population is found?



River Tawa is a tributary of which major river?


At which place the lowest temperature is recorded in the state of M.P?


The name Chaumasa is used for which season in M.P.?


Which river of Madhya Pradesh is responsible for most of its soil erosion?


Which river is known as the Ganga of M.P.?


The river Shipra originates from which place?

Kakarabardi Hills

In which the state of India, its maximum number of river flows?

Madhya Pradesh

Which river of MP is referred to as the daughter of Sun God?

Tapti river

Samrat Ashok Sagar project is built on which river?

Halali river

Name the latest/newest national park of MP.

Omkareshwar National park, Khandwa

In which district Madhav National park falls?


Dinosaur fossil national park is proposed to be set up in which district?


Maximum blackbucks are found in which national park of MP?

Satpura National park

Sailana Bird Sanctuary is set up for the conservation of which bird?

Kharmaur Bird

Recently Asian Tigers were translocated to which sanctuary of MP?

Palanpur Kuno sanctuary

Gokul Patha are folk songs famous among which tribal group of MP?


In which city Dhrupad festival is organized?


Who built the fort of Mandsaur?

Allaudin Khilji

Hawa Mahal is a part of which fort?

Chanderi fort

The tribal film festival is organized in which city?


In which year Sirpur lake of Indore became bird sanctuary?


Who is credited with giving the name of the state?

Jawaharlal Nehru University

First E-Panchayat of Madhya Pradesh is__

Sonarkhedi (Dhar)

First Women Judge of state was__

Sarojini Saxena

At which place in Madhya Pradesh Asia’s biggest soyabean plant is situated?


Where is the only agricultural engineering college situated?


Name the district with the highest net agricultural productivity.


In which year telephone services started in the state?

1974 September

Which state ranks at the top in the installation of wind power generation plants?

Madhya Pradesh


“Andhon Ka Hathi” is the work of which famous personality from MP?

Sharad Joshi

Gujari Palace Museum is located at which place?


Dul Dul Ghodi dance is practised by which tribal group?

Sahariya tribe

Name the current Chief Secretary of M.P?

Sudhi Ranjan Mohanty

How many women candidates have been elected in the recent Assembly elections?

17 (seventeen)

Which river of M.P is known as the least polluted river of India?


How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in MP?

Three sites (3)

Khajuraho group

Sanchi monuments

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

What is the rank of MP in terms of no. of tigers?


I- Madhya Pradesh

II- Karnataka

Project Akansha was launched from which district of Madhya Pradesh?


Which city host the office of MP’s Accountant General?


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