Testing of Materials

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 4:58

Materials testing questions for GATE is an essential element of the metallurgical engineering branch that deals with different materials’ properties and tests their characteristics using various physical and chemical tests. Testing of Materials mcq questions is based on tests used here such as the Vickers hardness test and the Brinell hardness test, which are the most common types of hardness tests for materials. As a material testing engineer, you would be required to determine any material’s characteristics and suggest appropriate materials for construction or other related work. 

Important Testing of Materials Topics for GATE ME

The applications and implications make up the main testing of materials topics for GATE ME. The following topics are the basis for most testing of materials GATE questions: 



Mechanical Testing

In this portion, we study the different mechanical testing measures that can deploy the material safely on the surface. 

Testing for thermal properties

Thermal testing involves tests for the thermal properties of the material and any issues. 

Radiation testing

Radiation testing uses various testing measures that check for the material’s tolerance for any radiation.

Tips to SolveTesting of Materials Questions for GATE ME

Here are some tips for the preparation of testing of materials for GATE ME.

  • Testing of materials is usually asked in the materials and testing portion of the exam. Hence, you need to be thorough with your knowledge of the different hardness tests.
  • You should u Use different learning sources, including the testing of materials GATE questions and answers PDF for revisions.
  • Practice testing of materials online quizzes. This will help you evaluate your preparation strategy.
  • Remember, heat or radiation is always a major reason for cracks in metal. 

Importance of Testing of Materials in GATE Exam

Materials testing is an important topic for the GATE exam due to the following reasons:

  • Testing of materials for computer science tests your engineering ability to find the characteristics associated with any material used to construct things.
  • You simultaneously need to know the stress-strain concepts to answer the testing of materials MCQ questions. Hence, GATE also tests your ability to connect topics with real life-applications.
  • The exam tests your grasp of the testing of materials notes for ME taught in the core engineering classes, especially the metallurgical engineering class.
  • The materials testing section comprises 2% to 5% of the total weightage of the exam.

Most Recommended Testing of Materials Books for GATE

Here are some of the recommended books that provide the best testing of materials study material for GATE ME. Also, read testing of materials notes for GATE pdf.

Book Title


Mechanical Engineering and Testing of Materials

C.P. Sharma

Stress Testing

Myrvin Ellestad

Highway Material Testing and Quality Control

D.V. Bhavanna Rao

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Q. How do we determine the cracks in any material?

We determine the faults in any materials by performing various tests on them. In this case, you can determine the cracks using the Vickers hardness test.

Q. Which tests can be used to identify the thermal stress implications on any metal object?

Any metal objects may undergo cracks and fractures. They can be determined by using the Vickers hardness test. You can also use the Brinell hardness test. 

Q. Why is materials testing important in radiation-related works?

Radiation is a degrading phenomenon that can damage objects and humans. Hence, to protect things from radiation, we use various tests to determine safety levels. 

Q. Which types of industries y employ these testing measures?

Industries like nuclear radiation energy, electricity cal industry, architecture, and construction industry use materials testing measures to identify suitable materials for their use. 

Q. Which other exams pose questions on materials testing other than the GATE?

Materials testing is a core engineering topic that finds application in multiple industries. Some other exams, including the IES, Railways and NTPC, ask questions on this topic in their exams.