Power Engineering

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 23:12

Power System Engineering or Power Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with planning, designing, implementing, renovating, and maintaining various electrical systems to minimize distribution and transmission costs. Power Engineering for computer science is a composite study of designing large-scale systems which can be used for generating, transmitting, and distributing electric power. The network includes a generator, using which the power is created that passes through a transmission system. It is delivered to businesses and individual homes in the form of a distribution system. Power Engineering for GATE ME is an essential subject considering competitive exams like GATE, ISO, ESE, etc. You can get an in-depth understanding of concepts with a power engineering book.

Important Power Engineering Topics for GATE ME

If you check out the power engineering syllabus for GATE and other competitive exams, you will find a few critical Power Engineering topics for GATE ME as given below:



Power Generation Concepts

Power Generation Concepts is a topic which deals with power generation and other related systems which are used in large-scale and power plant facilities.

Voltage and Frequency Control

The control of voltage and reactive power is a severe issue in the operation of power systems. Whereas maintaining an almost constant frequency is an essential requirement in the operation of a power system.

System Stability Concepts

A power system is stable at a given operating state if it follows a state of disturbance or a given disturbance. The system remains in specific bounds and then reaches in a new equilibrium state within a particular period.

Supply Systems

In supply systems, you will learn about the performance of the transmission line and travelling wave analysis.

Fault Analysis

This topic focuses on symmetrical components and symmetrical fault analysis.

Tips to Prepare for Power Engineering Questions

At times, students might find it difficult to study Power Engineering. Here are a few preparation tips:

  1. Know the Power Engineering GATE syllabus and the exam pattern before starting with the preparation.
  2. Make a timetable that will help you in time-management and in completing the syllabus well before the exams.
  3. Study all the Power Engineering GATE questions to understand the importance of topics and their weightage.
  4. Prepare your own Power Engineering GATE notes by referring to the Power Engineering GATE questions and answers pdf available online.
  5. Once you are done covering the syllabus, start attempting Power Engineering MCQ questions, Power Engineering online quiz, and Power Engineering online test. This will help you realize the topics you are weak in, and you can get them polished.
  6. You should go through self-made or online Power Engineering notes for ME, and Power Engineering MCQ pdf for revision purposes.

Importance of Power Engineering in GATE ME

  • Power Engineering has its application in various systems right from industrial machinery to household appliances. This makes it an important subject to be studied.
  • For having protected and reliable devices, which does not lead to short circuit or faulty current, studies of power engineering are essential.
  • Power Engineering is a vast subject and has a considerable weightage in the competitive exams like GATE, ISRO, ESE (IES), and other EE exams.
  • Power Engineering Questions in GATE ME is under the weightage of 7% to 11%.

Most Recommended Books for Power Engineering for GATE

The power engineering book will help you in understanding the concepts in detail. You can either buy a hard copy of the book or search for a soft copy online.



Electrical Power Systems

C. L. Wadhwa

Electrical Power Systems

Ashfaq Hussain

Power System Engineering

Nagrath, D Kothari

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. When does the Ferranti Effect occur?

When the sending end voltage is less than receiving end voltage, the Ferranti Effect occurs.

Q. If the sending end is 160 kV and receiving lot is 132 kV, find the % voltage regulation.

% Voltage Regulation = Sending end voltage - Receiving end voltage Receiving end voltage100

= 160-132132100 = 21.21%

Q. What should be the voltage regulation of a transmission line?

More excellent the value of voltage regulation more will be the voltage fluctuation. Therefore, voltage regulation should be minimum.

Q. What causes overvoltage surges?

Resonance, Lightning, and Switching.

Q. What is the power angle for operating power systems?

The power angle is 300

Q. What are the conditions for maximum power transfer from sending end to receiving end in a transmission line?

The conditions are as follows:

  1. Torque Angle δ=900
  2. Line Reactance should be3times its resistance. i.e. X=3R