Metrology and Inspection

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 0:40

metrology and inspection for GATE ME hold a great deal of importance to all those who are taking the GATE exam. Hence, you need a good quality study materials for GATE ME to prepare for this topic. You will get information regarding the metrology and inspection syllabus for the GATE ME, metrology and inspection GATE notes, and the best metrology and inspection book for exam preparation. I will also share the important tips that will help you score high in the exam. These books will help you not only for GATE but other competitive exams too.

Important Metrology and Inspection Topics for GATE ME

Refer to the below table to know the metrology and inspection topics for gate ME:




Introduction to metrology and inspection, various past, present, and future trends in metrology and inspection, strengths, and limitations


Selective assemblies, fundamental deviation, grade of tolerance, tolerance analysis used for assembly and manufacturing, fits, comparators

Theory of operation

Main applications, design principles of equipments, interferometry, gauge design


Various alignment methods, methods used for testing

Tips to Solve Metrology and Inspection Questions for GATE ME

Below are the important tips that will guide you with your GATE preparation. Follow these tips and make your position strong in the exam:

  • Understand the metrology and inspection syllabus for GATE in detail and collect the metrology and inspection study material for GATE ME.
  • Go through the entire syllabus thoroughly to understand the basic concepts well. You can also refer to the metrology and inspection book names shared in this article for your preparation. In addition to the books, you can get the metrology and inspection notes for ME to get the relevant and important topics in easily understandable language.
  • Once you complete the metrology and inspection gate syllabus, practice solving the metrology and inspection gate questions. Solving questions will help you find your weak points and work on those areas. You will find many useful metrology and inspection gate questions and answers pdf files online for your practice.
  • Do not forget to solve the previous year question papers, mock tests, and take a metrology and inspection online test. You can also participate in the metrology and inspection online quiz.

Importance of Metrology and Inspection in GATE ME

  • Metrology and inspection hold a good position from the competitive and government exam perspective.
  • The topic contains around 3 - 4 mark questions which plays a very crucial role in the overall score of the exam.
  • The questions on metrology and inspection are easy to solve once the concepts are clear. So, you can easily get the 3 or 4 marks with little extra effort.

Most Recommended Books for Metrology and Inspection for GATE ME

You can buy the below metrology and inspection books to help you with your GATE preparation. Once you cover the syllabus, then you can go for solving metrology and inspection MCQ questions:




A course in electrical and electronic Measurements and instrumentation

AK Sawhney

This book contains all the concepts in an easy to understand way. Refer to this book for building a strong understanding of topics.

Introduction to Measurements and Instrumentation

Ghosh A.K

This book is created from the point of view of GATE preparation. It contains enough examples to practice the questions.

Why Prepare Metrology and Inspection from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

Metrology and inspection for GATE ME one of the crucial topics from the exam point of view and the marks it holds in the GATE exam. BYJU'S Exam Prep has the best faculty to help students with their GATE preparation for mechanical engineering students. You will be provided with useful metrology and inspection notes for the GATE pdf that help you with your preparation. You will also be able to get a metrology and inspection quiz to practice and improve your time limit for the test, achieve accuracy. You will also get a metrology and inspection MCQ pdf that students can practice solving the questions at home.


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No, there is no need to send the print-out of the application form to any zonal offices of GATE.

Q: How to check the status of the GATE application form?

To check the application status, you need to log in using the GOAPS website.

Q: Which identity documents are required for the submission of the application form?

The aspirants need Voter Card, Adhaar Card, Driving License, PAN card, Passport, Enrolment ID, and College ID. International candidates require a Government-issued ID, Employee ID, Passport, or College ID.

Q: Do I need to cover metrology and inspection for computer science too?

No, there is no need to prepare for metrology and inspection for computer science students.

Q: What can I do if my photo is blurred in GATE Admit Card?

To get it correct, candidates need to send their concerns to the Zonal IIT with a photocopy of the admit card.