Metal Cutting

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 10:52

If you preparing for GATE ME exam and looking for information about the metal cutting syllabus for GATE, then you have landed on the right place. You will get complete details of metal cutting GATE ME syllabus and the best metal cutting book to study from.

Also, the article contains the exam preparation tips, that will help you understand how you can solve the maximum metal cutting GATE questions and score high in the exam. Read this article till the end and get the answers to all your questions regarding the metal cutting GATE exam preparation.

Important Metal Cutting Topics for GATE ME

Below are the important metal cutting topics for GATE ME that you need to prepare for the GATE preparation. 




Aim of machining, the benefits, and drawbacks of machining, Orthogonal and Oblique machining

Metal cutting tools

Single point metal cutting tool, tool signature, cutting pressure, power consumption


Single point turning tool geometry, parting tool, end cutting edge, rake angle, cutting forces, cutting energy, and power

Tool designation /

Tool Signature

Rake system, critical correlations, shear angle, cutting shear strain

Chip formation

Mechanism of chip formation in ductile and brittle material, types of chip

Tool life, economics, and machinability

Tool failure and types, Taylor’s tool life equation, Tool life curve, the economics of metal cutting, machinability index, cutting fluid

Tips to Solve Metal Cutting Questions for GATE ME

Follow the below tips to score more and assure your admission to higher education.

  • First of all, find the metal cutting GATE syllabus. Now, get the metal cutting study material for GATE ME and study from the best metal cutting book that has the detailed syllabus.
  • Cover the metal cutting GATE syllabus and learn the basic concepts and make notes for revision at the last moment.
  • Once you complete the syllabus, try to solve as many metal cutting GATE questions as you can. Practicing more questions will help you build the concepts more clearly. You can get the Metal cutting GATE questions and answers pdf online and practice the Metal cutting MCQ questions.
  • Join a coaching institute to participate in mock tests and Metal cutting quiz organized by these coaching institutes.
  • You can take the metal cutting online test or metal cutting online quiz to practice more questions.

Importance of Metal Cutting GATE ME Exam

Metal cutting is an important topic from the perspective of preparation for the GATE exam or any competitive examination. Students are advised to study the metal cutting topic thoroughly and practice more metal cutting MCQ questions. Refer to the previous year's weightage of metal cutting questions.

  • In GATE 2020, there were questions of around 15.5 marks in paper 1 and 2 combined.
  • In GATE 2019, there were 18 marks questions from each paper 1 and 2.
  • In GATE 2018, there were 14 marks questions from paper 1 and 17 marks from paper2.
  • In GATE 2017, there were 16 marks questions from paper 1 and 13 marks from paper2.

Most Recommended Books for Metal Cutting for GATE ME

It is necessary to get the best metal cutting book for your GATE preparation. In addition to these books, you can also get the metal cutting notes for GATE pdf online. The metal cutting GATE notes contain relevant topics from the syllabus.



Manufacturing Science

Amitabh Ghosh

Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

Serope Kalpakjian, Steven R Schmid

Why Prepare Metal Cutting from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

It is necessary to know the detailed syllabus for GATE ME so that you can solve and practice the MCQ questions for metal cutting topic. BYJU'S Exam Prep is one of the best online sources through you can prepare for GATE ME exam. You will have the best metal cutting notes for GATE ME. Moreover, you will also get metal cutting quiz regularly, online tests that you can attempt and assess your performance. For more practice, they provide the metal cutting MCQ pdf with solutions that you can solve at home.


Q1: What is the required qualification for GATE?

The aspirants must be a holder of B. Tech/ B.Arch/ B. Pharma/ B. Sc/ BE/ M.Sc/ MCA/ M. Tech/ M. E/ M.A degree to apply for GATE.

Q2: Can anyone apply for the GATE exam in the third year?

Of course yes, the aspirants studying in the third year can apply for the GATE exam.

Q3: Do I need to study metal cutting for computer science?

No, metal cutting is for mechanical students only.

Q4: How can I make application payment for the GATE exam?

The candidates can make payment for the GATE through debit card/ credit card/ net banking.

Q5: What is the GATE exam conducted for?

GATE examination is conducted for getting admission into M.Tech program as well as secure job in an Indian PSU.