Metal Casting

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 11:03

Metal casting is one of the important topics for mechanical engineering (ME) students. It has relevance for those aspiring for higher studies in the same specialization. Metal casting GATE questions intend to test the students' knowledge about the types, working, and other aspects of metal casting. When you learn the topic well and solve metal casting questions for GATE ME, it will be quite interesting.

You can find metal casting quiz in other GATE equivalent exams such as UPES, VITMEE, Postgraduate Entrance Examination (PGEE) for IIIT Hyderabad, IIIT Delhi, BITSAT, DAIICT, M.Tech Entrance Exam, and others. So it is better not to skip the topic and when you are preparing for GATE ME. In this article, we will see its various aspects, a complete understanding of which can help to score higher.

Important Metal Casting Topics for GATE ME

The important subtopics that you will come across in a metal casting book or in metal casting study material for GATE ME are as follows:



Metal casting

Here you will learn about the mold design that includes:

  • Feeding
  • Gating
  • Rising
  • Casting practices
  • Casting defects

Hot, warm, and & cold working

Here you will learn about defects in metal forming and metal forming processes such as:

  • Rolling
  • Forging
  • Extrusion
  • Wire drawing
  • Sheet metal forming

Metal joining

Here you will learn various processes such as:

  • Soldering
  • Brazing
  • Welding

Welding metallurgy along with the defects in welded joints in case of steels and aluminum alloys are also covered here.

Powder metallurgy

Here you will learn how powders are produced and, compacted and the sintering is done.

Non-destructive testing or NDT

It includes the following methods:

  • Dye-penetrant
  • Ultrasonic method
  • Radiography
  • Eddy current method
  • Acoustic emission
  • Magnetic particle inspection methods

Tips to Solve Metal Casting Questions for GATE

  1. Every topic involves has vast coverage, and if you try to cover all subtopics, you won't be able to study other subjects for the exam. This makes it important to refer to collect the latest syllabus and stick to it. Manage your time to complete everything in the syllabus and to avoid missing out on anything or leaving anything for the last moment.
  2. Study everything and then prepare the notes simultaneously while learning the concepts. This will save a lot of time. Moreover, you can also efficiently revise brush through all the chapters according to the metal casting syllabus for GATE before the main exam, without going through the entire book again while revising before the main exam.
  3. You can download the metal casting GATE questions and answers pdf. Wand while solving them, set a timer to check your speed. Since there is limited time in such entrance exams, and you have to attempt many questions from various topics, efficient management of the time efficiently is one of the keys to score well.
  4. Having metal casting notes for GATE pdf from online sources like BYJU'S Exam Prep will provide you with a set of tricks and shortcuts that can be used while solving the problems in the chapter. Once you understand the tips, try to implement them while practicing doing the metal casting MCQ questions. Initially, it may be difficult for you to remember and implement them, but gradually you will be able to can do it easily and in very little time. You can thus attempt more questions in the allotted duration of the exam

Importance of Metal Casting Questions in GATE ME Exam

  • The questions from this chapter gauge the students’' knowledge of the different casting practices and defects.
  • It also tests the candidate's proficiency in powder metallurgy and non-destructive testing.
  • The numerical problems are tricky, and solving them accurately and correctly shows the student’s understanding of the question and, along with the implementation of the right formulae to arrive at for reaching the final solution.
  • A higher score in this section indicates shows how efficiently a student is capable of implementing the learned knowledge in further studies in the same specialization.

Most Recommended Books for Metal Casting for GATE ME

The metal of the casting GATE notes can be best prepared from the books that have been listed below:



Principles of Metal Casting

Mahi Sahoo and Sam Sahu

Metal casting and joining

K. C. John

Metal Casting: Principles And Practice

T V Ramana Rao

Why prepare Metal Casting from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep offers the GATE aspirants a comprehensive study material for Metal Casting. There are Metal Casting MCQ PDFs on the website, which can be downloaded for practicing and getting a good grasp of the topic. Mentors are available to clarify doubts regarding any topic in the given topic, making BYJU'S Exam Prepit one of the best online study platforms.


Q. Is it okay to look up opt for online study material for GATE?

No, books are needed when you start understanding the basics as they have a detailed explanation of all the subtopics. Once this is done, you can refer to online sources for notes and practice sets.

Q. Is it necessary to attempt metal casting online tests before the main exam?

Yes, this will boost your confidence level, and help you will know the exam pattern.

Q. Are there questions on metal casting for computer science students in GATE?

No, this subject is specific to metallurgical engineering students only.

Q. How many practice sets should need to be completed before the main exam?

There is no such fixed number. The more you practice, the better it is, but, make sure to focus on all the subjects in the syllabus to improve chances of a higher overall GATE score.

Q. Is it easy to score within questions from metal casting?

Yes, if you are clear with all the basics and have practiced the questions well.