Heat Treatment

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 25, 2021, 11:32

Heat treatment is an important topic under Engineering materials and refers to the process of heating the metals, holding them at a specific temperature, and then cooling them down. This process leads to changes in the mechanical properties of a metal. Heat treatment for computer science and mechanical engineering is not only important for the GATE exam, but also to prepare for IES (ESE), UPES, BITSAT, ISRO, and other mechanical engineering exams. This article mentions important heat treatment topics for GATE ME, heat treatment GATE notes, heat treatment GATE syllabus, and heat treatment study material for GATE ME.

Important Heat treatment Topics for GATE ME

Listed below are common heat treatment methods:




In this method, the metal is heated past the upper critical temperature and then slowly cooled down.


It is a heat treatment method used to alleviate internal stresses caused due to casting, welding, or quenching.


Hardening is the commonest of heat treatment processes. It is used to boost the hardness of a metal. Sometimes only the surface of a metal is hardened.


Aging is also known as precipitation hardening. It is a method usually used to boost the yield strength of metals.

Tips to Solve Heat Treatment for GATE Exam

  1. Choose a good heat treatment book and begin by jotting down heat treatment notes for ME. Making notes will make it easier for you to revise the same topics in the future.
  2. Practice heat treatment GATE questions and solve heat treatment quizzes regularly. Solve previous year question papers to get familiar with the GATE exam pattern.
  3. Time management is key, so make sure you finish all the topics well on time and take time for revision.
  4. Go through the heat treatment syllabus for GATE, note down all the topics mentioned so as not to leave anything important.

Importance of Heat Treatment in GATE ME

  1. Heat treatment is an important topic under Engineering materials and metallurgy as it deals with altering the microstructure of metal by heating it at a specific temperature.
  2. Heat treatment carries a total weightage of 1-2 marks in the GATE exam.
  3. Overall, the Engineering materials section carries a weightage of 5-6 marks in the GATE exam and includes other topics as well like metal casting, metal joining, and powder metallurgy.
  4. Heat treatment helps one understand various techniques involved to change the physical properties of a metal such as annealing, precipitation strengthening, tempering, etc.

Most Recommended Books for Heat Treatment for GATE

Mentioned below is a list of important books to cover Heat treatment in detail:




A Text-book of Material Science and Metallurgy

O.P. Khanna

Materials Science and Engineering

V. Raghavan

Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer

R.C. Sachdeva

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Q1- What are some of the important topics in heat treatment for the GATE exam?

Some of the important topics include tempering, quenching, aging, annealing, flame hardening and induction hardening.

Q2- How to prepare heat treatment online for GATE?

One of the best ways to prepare online for the GATE exam is to visit BYJU'S Exam Prep for heat treatment notes and quizzes. It is recommended that you start with the most significant topics, solve practice papers, and then revise.

Q3- How much weightage do heat treatment questions carry in the GATE exam?

Heat Treatment holds a total weightage of 10-15 marks in the GATE exam.

Q4- How much time will it take to cover heat treatment for the GATE exam?

Heat treatment is an important topic for GATE ME as it involves processes involved in changing metals’ physical structure. The total time taken to cover the whole topic may vary from individual to individual. Start with a few reference books and set regular targets.

Q5- Where can I assess previous GATE question papers?

Previous papers for GATE ME are available on BYJU'S Exam Prep along with tons of online quizzes, practice papers, MCQs, etc.