Dimensional Analysis Study Notes for GATE ME Exam

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Nov 17, 2021, 19:06

Dimensional Analysis is the study of objects of nature. This study is conceptualised by usage of dimensions, metric systems, and geometrical properties such as angles and lengths. It is one of the important topics of engineering and science, and has been seen helpful in keeping the measurement units the same, and performing all the mathematical calculations smoothly.

A point to be noted in the Dimensional Analysis notes for GATE ME pdf is that it is often referred to as the Unit factor method or factor label method. This happens because we make use of conversion systems to make sure all the involved units of different entities are the same to get correct results.

Let’s have a look at the mini guide that has been created for you as a competitive exam aspirant, based on the Dimensional Analysis syllabus for GATE.

Important Dimensional Analysis Topics for GATE ME

Before we dive into the Dimensional Analysis study material for GATE ME, it is necessary to understand what makes this concept important. So, have a look at the table below on the application of dimensional analysis to understand it better and prepare well as the examination questions majorly revolve around these topics. 



Validating an equation using principal of homogeneity

It states that any equation can represent a physical situation if and only if both the sides of the equation have equal dimensions. If the dimensions are not equal, then the equation or situation is not valid.

Conversion of units

Dimensional analysis is one of the best tools available to convert the units of a physical quantity from a system of units to another.

Representation of physical quantity

If it happens that a physical quantity is yet to be given a recognition, it is always possible to refer to it using its dimensions.

Simplicity of algebraic quantities

It is possible to convert algebraic quantities into expressions of dimensions and vice versa to facilitate any equation.

Derive formulae

Over time, dimensional analysis has been seen helpful in deriving formulae and even validating them by implying principles of dimensional analysis.

Tips to Solve Dimensional Analysis Questions for GATE

  • When solving questions using dimensional analysis it is important to note the useful technique is used. It quite often uses the property or fact that any expression when multiplied by 1 remains the same.
  • Understand the basic concept that only those quantities can be added or subtracted which have the same dimensions and highlight it in Dimensional Analysis gate notes.
  • Dimensional analysis is important and useful to validate an equation that represents a physical situation. It is not a tool to prove one, which many aspirants confuse with.

 Importance of Dimensional Analysis in GATE

  • Dimensional analysis is helpful in deriving formulae with the basic concept of equalizing both sides of an equation. 
  • Dimensional Analysis gate questions can be solved in no time with the correct outcome if implemented using the principle of homogeneity.

Most Recommended Books for Dimensional Analysis for GATE ME

The Dimensional Analysis book that you should be following or learning from plays an important role of your grasp over the topic. Hence, you should choose one that is well known for its content, helpful in making Dimensional Analysis notes for ME and gain enough knowledge through practice tests.

Book nameAuthor
Engineering mechanicsR. K. Rajput
Mechanics of materials (SI units)Beer and Johnston

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Q. What is a dimensional formula?

A dimensional formula is an expression formed by using the fundamental quantities for representing the units of a physical quantity

Q. Is there any limitation of dimensional analysis?

Yes, it is noteworthy among Dimensional Analysis gate questions and answers pdf, is that it cannot be used to derive trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions.

Q. What is a dimension in the dimensional analysis?

A dimension is a fundamental unit to express a physical quantity as compared to any other small scale unit.

Q. What is MLT in the dimensional formula?

MLT is among the 7 fundamental units used to express the dimension of a physical quantity. M stands for mass, L for length and T for time

Q. What is the dimensional formula for time?

The dimensional formula for time is [M0 L0 T1 ].