Best Books to Prepare for MH CET Law Exam: Download Book-list PDF

Best Books to Prepare for MH CET Law Exam: Download Book-list PDF

ByNeeraj Mishra  |  Updated on: Jul 4, 2022
Get all the details for MH CET Law Books here. Download a free PDF list for MH CET Law Entrance Exam Books as per the latest syllabus. Check the subject-wise list of MH CET Law Books as per expert recommendation.
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MH CET Law Books serve as a great resource for candidates. It provides a layout for the type of questions to expect and how to solve them. By referring to MH CET Law Preparation Books, candidates can prepare themselves according to the exam pattern to score better. Below is all the information you need about the best MH CET Law Books for the upcoming exam.

What are MH CET Law Books?

MH CET Law Entrance Exam Books are one of the most important study resources as it assists in section-wise preparation. If the candidates refer to the Best Book for MH CET Law Exam, It will be easier to ace this exam in one chance. Thereby, try to select Best MH CET Law Books while preparing the preparation strategy for the exam.

You may get huge quantities of MH CET Law Preparation Books in online and offline markets. So, choosing the right books for the best preparation may be difficult. Here, we have listed all the expert-recommended MH CET Law books with a PDF list for your ready reference.

Section-Wise MH CET Law Preparation Books

Choosing section-wise MH CET Law Books for preparation is very important as it helps in gathering the information from different sources. To get a good MH CET Law Result, the candidates must shortlist the books that cover all the chapters and topics. As per MH CET Law Analysis, there are five sections from which you face the questions in the upcoming exam.

  • Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning - Study of Law, Legal Aptitude and problem-solving skills, legal prepositions with factual assertions. The facts might not be true in the actual sense, but the student will have to attempt the question by using the given facts.

  • General Knowledge with Current Affairs - History including Ancient, Medieval and Modern, Geography, General Sciences, Economics, Civics, and Current affairs.

  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning - Analytical Arguments, Drawing conclusions, reasoning by analogies, applying principles and given rules. Sets and statements and puzzles.

  • English Grammar - Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies, Idioms and Phrases, One-word Substitution, Sentence Improvement, and rearrangement, fill in the blanks, Errors - Common errors, Spotting errors, inappropriate usage of words, spelling mistakes, etc., English Comprehension, etc.

  • Mathematics - Speed distance and Time, Profit and Loss, Algebra, Average, Time and Work, and Venn Diagram.


Here, we have provided a PDF list of all the expert-recommended MH CET Law Exam Books for your study reference. Click on the below link and download the PDF list of MH CET Law Books.

☛ MH CET Law Preparation Books PDF Download

MH CET Law Exam Books for GK

This section checks candidates’ GK skills, including current affairs and static GK knowledge. Follow MH CET Law Preparation Books below to ace this exam with a good score. Download previous year’s MH CET Law Question Paper.

Name of the Books


General Knowledge 

Arihant Publication

Yearly General Knowledge


General Knowledge books

Lucent Book House

History, Geography and Economics books 


[Important Note: The candidates must follow Daily Newpapers, including TOI, The Economist, and India Times to get updated information about the daily happenings.]

MH CET Law Books for Logical and Analytical Reasoning

This section of the MH CET Law Exam evaluates candidates’ Logical and Analytical ability of the candidates. Questions are normally asked from Statement and Argument, Statement and Conclusion, Course of Action, and Cause and Effects, which are somewhat tricky. You can follow MH CET Law Exam Books below to crack this section with a good score.

Name of the Books


Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

R.S. Agarwal

Logical Reasoning

Arun Sharma

Analytical Reasoning

M.K. Pandey

A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical

BS Sijwali & Indu Sijwali

MH CET Law Preparation Books for English

This section tests candidates' English Language skills, including the knowledge of Vocabulary, Grammar and English comprehension. The below table highlights the best MH CET Law Books for this section. Note the details for MH CET Law Exam Eligibility.

Name of the Books


Word Power Made Easy

Wren & Martin

English Vocabulary in Use

Felicity O'dell

High School English Grammar Composition

Wren and Martin

Objective English

R.S. Agarwal

Better English

Norman Lewis

MH CET Law Books for Mathematical Aptitude

This section of the MH CET Law Exam evaluates candidates’ basic mathematical skills. Below are some important MH CET Law Preparation Books which you can follow to prepare this section.

Name of the Books


Textbooks up to class 10


Taxmann’s Mathematics for CLAT

Shailesh Kumar

Data Interpretation

R.S. Agarwal

Data Interpretation

Arun Sharma

Key Features for MH CET Law Exam Books

While selecting the best MH CET Law Preparation books; the candidates must keep the below points in their mind.

  • General Knowledge by Arihant: These MH CET Law Books are incredible to train your expository capacity. Hence rehearsing inquiries from this book consistently can help you a ton. Go through the previous year’s MH CET Law Cut Off.
  • High School English Grammar Composition by Wren and Martin: It is an incredible MH CET Law Exam Books for novices. It helps in understanding the concepts used in correcting incorrect grammatical sentences and filling blanks in sentences with appropriate words.
  • The MH CET Law Books “Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis” is the best book for English sentence structure jargon. Get all the details for MH CET Law Admit Card dates and process to download.
  • Nonetheless, planning for current issues is critical by sourcing data from BUJY’S Exam Prep and other day-by-day GK update sources from online sources.
  • Also, the book “Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations (English) by R.S Agarwal” is by a wide margin the best MH CET Law Books to ace arithmetic.
  • At long last, the most remarkable book that is energetically suggested a book for legal reasoning is “Lawful Awareness and Legal Reasoning by A.P Bhardwaj”.

How to choose the MH CET Law Preparation Books?

There are many MH CET Law Books in the market but the best ones contain the following features to make preparation easier for the candidates.

  • These books cover the whole MH CET Law Syllabus in detail to help students cover their grounds.
  • These books are easy to read and understand. They do not contain unnecessary jargon or difficult language.
  • Best MH CET Law books are generally very popular and are available very easily.
  • There are always practice questions at the ends of the topics for students to test what they have learned so far.
  • These books will have references to make understanding and learning concepts easier. It enables students to go beyond the MH CET Law Exam Books and obtain additional knowledge. Note details for MH CET Law Exam Registration.
  • Good MH CET Law books and study material will use lots of infographics and other visual aids to make learning fun and easier.
  • The best books for MH CET Law Exam are written keeping the requirements of the candidates in mind. They do not have any extra information, they are to the point for easy comprehensibility.

Importance of Best Books for MH CET Law Exam

The best study material or MH CET Law Books is important because they have everything that the candidate needs for a 360-degree preparation for the exam. You should use these books because

  • They are concise and will help you cover more syllabus in relatively less time.
  • MH CET Law Preparation Books are designed for the purpose of preparing candidates for the exam so they have exactly the kind of questions you need to practice.
  • These MH CET Law Books contain practice tests at the end to help you assess the level of your preparation. Get all the details for MH CET Law Answer Key.
  • These books have everything you need from the syllabus to paper patterns in one place.
  • They save you time. The time you spend searching for syllabus or practice tests is saved and can be used for preparation instead. Get a list of MH CET Law Colleges and make your study preferences.
  • MH CET Law Exam Books offer tips and tricks to solve questions quickly and easily.
  • Lastly, these books are designed to help make your life easier. Choosing good MH CET Law Books will infinitely improve your preparation experience for the exam.

FAQs on MH CET Law Books

  • The candidate can refer to at least 2 to 3 MH CET Law Books for each section. It is required to compare the contents of the textbooks. If you follow 2-3 books, you can quickly get conceptual transparency and solve the questions accurately. But at the same time, it is noteworthy to prioritize understanding and quality over quantity. 

  • Below is the list of Best MH CET Law Preparation Books that the candidates may follow for best preparation. 

    • Complete Guide to Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning by Abhishek Krishna Gupta
    • General Knowledge by Arihant Publication
    • Logical Reasoning by Arun Sharma
    • Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey
    • High School English Grammar Composition by Wren and Martin
    • Data Interpretation by R.S. Agarwal
  • The candidates must understand the exam pattern first to know the chapters and topics for MH CET Law Entrance Exam. Then you can create a study plan to cover every section with the assistance of MH CET Law Books. 

  • The Best Books for the MH CET Law exam 2022 for Legal Reasoning are as follows:

    • Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning by A.P. Bharadwaj
    • Legal G.K. for Competitive Examinations by Universal Publications
  • Yes, self-study of MH CET Law Entrance Exam Books is highly advised to crack this exam easily. The more you read, the more you will learn, and your conceptual clarity will improve. But You can attend BYJU’S Exam Prep MH CET Law Online Classes to clear your doubts from the faculties and mentors.


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