MH CET Law Preparation 2023: Section-wise Tips & Strategies to Prepare for MH CET Law 2023

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: December 14th, 2023
Get all the details for MH CET Law Preparation 2023 here. Check details on How to Prepare for MH CET Law for all the sections. Note MH CET Law Preparation tips directly from the experts.
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MH CET Law Preparation is all about theoretical study, solving past year papers and regular revision. How to prepare for MH CET Law is the most common question that every candidate wants to know. Doing section-wise preparation is very important to score well in the exam and gain a better conceptual understanding of all the chapters and sections.

The candidates must start MH CET Law Preparation as early as possible to complete the syllabus on time. MH CET Law 2023 Preparation includes section-wise preparation, which covers all the topics and chapters of this exam. Below, we have shared many tips on How to Prepare for MH CET Law 2023 that will help the candidates to ace this exam in one chance with a good score.

MH CET Law Preparation 2023

As you know, MH CET Law is the Law Entrance Exam to study Law at MH CET Law Colleges. So, the candidates appearing in the upcoming MH CET Law 2023, must check the updated syllabus and exam pattern first to score well in the exam. However, there is no official syllabus, so it is very important for you to check last year’s question papers and sample papers lots of time to score well in the exam.

Below are some basic tips to complete the MH CET Law Syllabus.

  • To fully comprehend the exam, try to crack the question paper.
  • Consider your strengths and weaknesses while putting all of your efforts into MH CET Law Preparation.
  • Make a study schedule and allocate time for each exam section.
  • Understand MH CET Law Exam Pattern and Syllabus. Go through the table below to get an overview of section-wise time allotment.

Section Name

Number of Questions

Maximum Marks


Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning



120 Minutes

General Knowledge of current affairs



Logical and Analytical Reasoning






Mathematical Aptitude



MH CET Law Total Marks



2 hours

Section-wise MH CET Law Preparation

Candidates must adhere to thorough preparation strategies for every section of the MH CET Law 2023 in order to succeed. It is important to understand the concepts in each chapter in order to pass the MH CET Law Cut Off; simply knowing the curriculum is insufficient. Candidates can consult the section-by-section preparation techniques if they have any questions on How to Prepare for MH CET Law 2023.

MH CET Law Preparation for English Language

The section consists of areas like Vocabulary, Proficiency, Phrases, Word Substitution, Sentence Improvement, rearrangement of sentences, English Usage Errors, Spotting Errors, Idioms, Phrases and English Comprehension. The candidates can follow the below tips for MH CET Law Preparation for the English Language section.

  • Regular practice and efficiency are a must to score the maximum marks in this section.
  • Revise grammar rules and concepts once. However, do not push yourself too hard; take it slow and steady.

☛ Check previous year’s MH CET Law Exam Analysis.

MH CET Law 2023 Preparation for GK and Current Affairs

You can follow the below MH CET Law Preparation Tips for GK and Current Affairs.

  • The topics included in this section are History (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern), Economics, General Science, Civics and Geography.
  • Current Affairs are required to be prepared for the past 8 months. In-depth and complete knowledge of current affairs topics is important.
  • Just mugging up might not turn out to be fruitful. Reading the summary of editorials will help you gain a lot of perspective about any news or issue that is advisable.

How to Prepare for MH CET Law 2023 Legal Reasoning Section?

This section will test the candidate’s reasoning ability by applying the legal principle given to the provided set of facts. This section will determine the candidate’s interest in the study and application of Law. Note the below MH CET Law Preparation Tips for Legal Reasoning section.

  • There will be certain assumptions and propositions, and the conclusion has to be drawn on the basis of the legal principle provided.
  • Give a bare reading to the Index of the Indian Penal Code and read the chapter on General Exceptions in particular, as most of the questions are asked from this section.
  • Revise the list of Legal Maxims and Legal Terms that you have prepared.

☛ Get the expert-recommended MH CET Law Books PDF list.

MH CET Law Preparation for Logical and Analytical Reasoning

This section will test the analytical abilities of the candidate and also improve the arguments and analogies. Below are the basic tips for MH CET Law Preparation for this section.

  • understand the relationship, structure and logical conclusions by applying rules and principles.
  • Apply deductive reasoning and explain the relationship between the person, place and thing.

MH CET Law Exam Preparation for Mathematical Aptitude

The sole purpose of this section is to check the numerical ability of the candidate. The mathematical questions would be from the 10th standard, from the topics which included Profit and Loss, Percentage, Time Speed and Distance, Ratios, Algebra and Average. Note the below MH CET Law Preparation for this section.

  • To excel in this section, the mathematical concepts ought to be clear, and calculations should be fast. This can be achieved through constant practice at the time of MH CET Law Preparation 2023.
  • It is not compulsory to attempt all the questions, but it’s important to correctly attempt the questions. This section has a huge role to play in your time management for attempting the rest of the questions.
  • The questions asked will be of a preliminary level which can be solved easily.
  • The applicants must not indulge themselves in new concepts just before the examination; instead, revise the basic formulas and concepts that they are familiar with.

☛ Check MH CET Law Eligibility before applying for the exam.

How to Prepare for MH CET Law 2023 – Expert’s Tips

To Ace MH CET Law, you have to practice the kind of questions that are asked in the examination. BYJU’S Exam Prep provides you with real-time MH CET Law Mock Tests, which will certainly help your preparation at hand.

  • It is important to figure out what sections ought to be attempted chronologically. Sectional efficiency is important to maximize the score.
  • Sections in which the candidate the command ought to be devoted minimum time during MH CET Law Preparation. That section generally includes General Knowledge and Current Affairs.
  • Mathematical Aptitude and Legal Reasoning Sections ought to be attempted carefully as efficiency is a very important aspect required in these two sections. The examination should be attempted with a cool and calm mind without creating any panic situation. Check the detailed analysis of the MH CET Law Question Paper to understand the exam difficulty level better.
  • Confidence is a catalyst for MH CET Law Preparation. Thorough practice is the way to gather and consolidate confidence for the last moment.

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