Is Tattoo Allowed in IAS?

By Ritika Pant|Updated : July 7th, 2022

Having a tattoo is perfectly okay, and there is no restriction for anyone wishing to enter UPSC civil services. IAS and civil service aspirants can get tattoos on their bodies, but they should not be visible. Candidates appearing for these exams should avoid getting a tattoo on their face, finger, forearm, and body parts, which can be easily noticeable and caught.
There is no strict rule for tattoos in IAS, but police officers and Army troops are not permitted to enter the respective department with tattoos on their bodies.

Are visible Tattoos Allowed in IAS Exam?

Visible tattoos on the exposing parts of the body are generally not considered good if you enter civil services. The reason is that as a part of Indian Administrative Services, members are asked to follow the central civil services rules. IAS officer with a tattoo creates an unprofessional image of the person in front of the public. People who are a part of IAS should avoid behaving like “unbecoming of a govt officer” and not flaunt their tattoos by getting them on the most visible body parts.

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FAQs about Is tattoo allowed in IAS

  • IAS officers should avoid tattoos on visible body parts like the face, fingers, etc. Though IAS officers can get tattoos inked on the hidden parts of their body, as per the central civil services rules, one should not behave as ‘unbecoming of a govt officer’ in front of the people of the society.

  • Yes, tattoos are allowed in IAS or UPSC. Anyone who has a tattoo on their chest can appear for the exam. They are permitted unless the tattoos seem vulgar and depict any religious significance. Suppose you move on to a higher position in these Government services. In that case, you may be looked down upon as showing off a tattoo becomes inappropriate after being in such a respectable position.

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