Indian Navy MR Syllabus 2023: Subject Wise Syllabus, PDF Download

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : March 31st, 2023

Indian Navy MR Syllabus 2023 for the upcoming exam is mentioned in detail here. The Indian Navy administers the MR Recruitment examination. Candidates going to appear in the exam will have to go through three stages of the selection procedure. The first phase will be a computer-based assessment, followed by a physical fitness test, and finally, a medical examination. We have provided the details for the Indian Navy MR syllabus here.

Since having knowledge of the syllabus aids in the creation of a detailed framework for preparing for the exam, candidates must go through the given details carefully. Find information about the Indian Navy MR syllabus for Maths, Science, GK, and some useful preparation tips given below.

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Indian Navy MR Syllabus 2023

Before checking the Indian Navy MR Syllabus, candidates must know the brief about the written exam. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for the exam will be able to fill out the application form and receive their admit card for the examination. Following that, they will appear for the written examination. This test is an objective-type computer-based examination that qualifies candidates for the second phase of the recruitment process.

The Computer Based Examination is the first step of recruitment. It will consist of 50 questions worth a total of 50 points. This examination has a time limit of 30 minutes. The following is a list of detailed information regarding the Indian Navy MR syllabus.

Indian Navy MR Syllabus PDF contains details about all the subjects and topics you need to cover for your examination. As a candidate appearing for the MR exam, you must be familiar with the entire syllabus. Being thorough with the Indian Navy MR syllabus will help you plan your study strategy accordingly as you will get an overview of all the topics. Based on your knowledge about the subject, you can prioritize it during your preparation accordingly. You can download the Indian Navy MR syllabus PDF here:

☛ Navy MR Syllabus PDF - Download Now

Science is one of the most challenging sections in the Indian Navy MR Exam. Candidates must be fully aware of the Indian Navy MR syllabus for Science to be able to plan their preparation for the exam accordingly. Since it is a tough subject, candidates must start their preparation well before the exam time by going through the Indian Navy MR syllabus. Here, we have provided a list of all the topics that every candidate must prepare for:

Indian Navy MR Syllabus for Science

Nature of matter

Newton's laws of Motion

Work, Energy, and Power

Force & Gravitation

Measurements in science

Sound & wave motion

Atomic structure

Heat & temperature

Metals & Non-metals

Carbon & its compounds

Universe (Planets, Satellite, Sun, Earth)

Electricity & its Applications

Indian Navy MR Syllabus for Mathematics

The Mathematics section will mostly consist of Elementary Maths topics but may also include some advanced topics. Candidates must go through the entire Indian Navy MR syllabus and work on preparing for it. Work on the most frequently asked topics first and the tougher topics later. Check out the entire Indian Navy MR syllabus for Maths provided below:

Indian Navy MR Syllabus for Mathematics

Mathematical Simplification

Ratio & Proportion

Simple mensuration


Measures of central tendency (Median, Average, and Mode)

Algebraic identities

Simultaneous Equations


Profit & loss


Work & time

Speed & distance

Linear equations


Basic Trigonometry

Indian Navy MR Syllabus for General Awareness

General Awareness is a vast topic for which candidates must read extensively. Candidates will be judged on their knowledge of the current affairs of the world. To prepare for this subject, candidates must keep up to date with the latest news events for both domestic and international. Find out the Indian Navy MR syllabus for General Awareness below:

Indian Navy MR Syllabus 2023 for General Awareness

Geography: Ports, Inland, Rivers, Mountains, Harbors, Soil

Discoveries, Awards & Authors, Wars, and Neighbors, Defence, Diseases, and Nutrition

History: Culture & Religion, Arts & Dance, Freedom Movement, Heritage, Important National Facts about India

Sports Winner, Championships, Terms, Number of Players in different sports

Current Affairs, Capitals, and Currencies, Common Names, Languages, Full Forms, and Abbreviations

Eminent Personalities, National (Bird, Anthem, Flower, Animal, Song, Flag, Sport, Monuments)

How to Prepare Indian Navy MR Syllabus?

Here, we have some useful tips for candidates to cover the entire Indian Navy MR syllabus in less time. Every candidate preparing for any exam requires a strategy to rely upon for effective preparation. By adopting the preparation tips mentioned below, you can improve your chances of scoring well in the exam:

  • To begin the exam preparation, candidates need to understand the latest Indian Navy MR syllabus.
  • Candidates must also choose the best books to study from.
  • Candidates need to prepare a timetable for the preparation of the exam, allocating extra time to subjects that according to you, are a bit weak.
  • Aspirants must read the daily current affair to fetch maximum marks in the General Awareness section.
  • Regularly attempt quizzes, mock tests, and solve the previous year's question papers.

Important Topics from Indian Navy MR Syllabus

Candidates must be aware of the frequently asked topics from the Indian Navy MR syllabus. It will help them know what topics they need to focus the most on during their preparation. With this knowledge, the candidates will be able to structure their preparation more effectively. We have provided the list of important topics from the Indian Navy MR syllabus for all subjects below:

  • Science - Work, Energy, and Power, Sound & wave motion, Metals & Non-metals, Force & Gravitation, Carbon & its compounds.
  • Mathematics - Ratio & Proportion, Algebraic identities, Profit & loss, Basic Trigonometry, Percentage, Geometry, etc.
  • General Awareness - Geography, History, Sports, Discoveries, Awards, Current Affairs, Eminent Personalities, etc.


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FAQs on Indian Navy MR Syllabus

  • Every candidate appearing for the exam must know the entire Indian Navy MR syllabus 2023. Knowing the syllabus in detail can help the candidate start their preparation accordingly. According to the syllabus, the candidates will have to attempt questions from Science, Maths & General Awareness.

  • You can download the Indian Navy MR Syllabus PDF here. The pdf contains the details about the syllabus for Navy MR and you will get a subject-wise idea of the topics you need to cover. Check out the Indian Navy MR syllabus to improve your exam preparation and download the PDF here.

  • Indian Navy MR Syllabus for Science will test the candidates on the basis of their understanding and knowledge of fundamental as well as advanced scientific concepts. The topics included in the syllabus include Work, Energy, and Power, Sound & wave motion, Metals & Non-metals, etc.

  • Covering the Indian Navy MR syllabus can be a time-taking process and ideally, you would need at least 3-4 months to prepare it. To cover the syllabus faster, you should make a good study plan, keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind. Make sure you go through the entire syllabus before making a strategy.

  • For the General Awareness section, candidates will have to prove their knowledge of general world affairs by answering questions on topics such as Geography, History, Sports, Discoveries, Awards, Current Affairs, Eminent Personalities, etc. To perform well in this exam, the candidates must read extensively and prepare well for the Indian Navy MR syllabus for General Awareness.

  • As per the Indian Navy MR syllabus, candidates will have to answer objective-type questions, which will be asked in multiple-choice format. Candidates will have to select the correct option out of all provided options and will have to answer 50 questions in a duration of 30 minutes.

  • Covering the Indian Navy MR syllabus can certainly be challenging. Here, we have some preparation tips to help you get started:

    • Read extensively for the General Awareness section. Read newspapers, magazines, and current affairs books, and you can even watch videos.
    • Jot down all the formulae for Science and Mathematics separately.
    • Practice mock tests, previous year question papers, etc. frequently.
  • To cover the Indian Navy MR syllabus in 2 months, you will have to be disciplined about your preparation strategy. You must take notes of everything that you read, jot down important formulae in a separate notebook, and attempt mock tests and previous year papers.

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