How did India Get its Name?

By meenakshi|Updated : August 24th, 2022

India got its name from the Sindhu river (Indus river). The origin of the name Sindhu is from a Greek word in the 5th century BC (since Herodotus). Indian civilization began in the areas near the Indus River; Thus, the nation got its name from the Indus River (Indus) and the lower Indus Basin (modern Indus) in Pakistan.

India get its Name from the Indus River

India is one of the oldest countries in the world and has been called different names other than India. These are-

  • The name Bharata-Bharata, Bharata, or Bharate-Varsha is derived from the name of Bharate, son of Rishabh, or Bharate, son of Dushyanta.
  • Aryavarta- Aryavarta means the land of the Aryans, referring to the Indo-Aryan tribe.
  • Hindustan- Hindustan, like the name Bharat, originated from the river Indus, as the Persians mispronounced the word Sindhu as Hindu.
  • Tenjiku- Tenjiku or Tianzhi is a word of Chinese origin that means Five India. According to the Chinese, there are 5 geographical regions in India, and these are northern, southern, western, eastern, and central India.
  • Jambudweep- Jambudweep or Jambudweep has been used in ancient scriptures and is still occasionally used in Java, Bali, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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FAQs on Names of India

  • The name “India” is used for the civilization around the Indus or Sindhu river. The Indus valley civilization started around 3300 BCE and is one of the earliest civilizations. After the Indian civilization started around the Indus river, the nation was named India. 

  • Apart from the name India, it is also known for the five most famous names, and these are Bharat, Hindustan, Aryavarta, Tenjiku, and Jambudweep.

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