What are the 5 Names of India?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The 5 Names of India are Hindustan, Bharat, Tenjiku, Jambudweep, and Aryavarta. Some other different names of India are Hodu, and Nabhivarsha. Various rulers invaded India, and each ruler and empire brought its name to India. At present, India consists of 28 states and 8 union territories.

5 Names of India

In the past, the nations of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar were also part of India. India was not always called Bharat; India has had different names.

Below we have mentioned the 5 names of India and their origin.

  • Bharat: The term is derived from the Sanskrit word “Bharata”, which stands for ‘Agni’ meaning fire.
  • Aryavarta: This was the name of the northern region of India.
  • Hindustan: The Persians named India Hindustan or Hind, which is still used today.
  • Tenjiku: Tianzhu is pronounced as Tenjiku, a name given by the Japanese and Chinese.
  • Jambudweep: Jambdweep or Jambudweep means “Land of Jambu Trees”.

Different Names of India

Hodu: This is the Biblical Hebrew name for India and is also mentioned in the Old Testament.

Nabhivarsha: Old texts call India Nabhivarsha. There are two reasons for this; firstly, Nabhi ruled India, and hence the name came to be known as Nabhivarsha. The second reason is that India appears to be the navel or the center of the earth, hence the name Nabhivarsha.

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