Name the Areas Where the Mangrove Forests are Found in India

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The areas where mangrove forests are found in India are the Sundarbans in West Bengal and the Ganges river delta in Bangladesh, Tamil Nadu (Pichavaram mangroves), Mahanadi mangroves, Goa mangroves, Krishna Godavari mangroves, Ratnagiri mangroves, Cauvery Delta mangroves, etc. Mangroves are a special type of vegetation with a delicate stem that grows in coastal areas where saltwater and freshwater mix.

Location of Mangrove Forests in India

There are many coastal areas in India where mangrove forests are found. Based on the Forest Survey of India, 2019, the mangrove area in the country has increased by 54 sq km as compared to 2017.

The three types of mangrove forests are red, black, and white, which is mainly found in the Sundarbans Ganges river delta which is the world’s largest mangrove forest located in West Bengal of India and Bangladesh, Pichavaram mangrove in Tamil Nadu, Ratnagiri mangrove, etc.

  • The Mangrove forests are found mainly on the delta edges and the side of the coasts.
  • They are called the name of Sundarbans in West Bengal, being named after the largest delta.
  • Sundari trees are the most abundant in these forests.
  • The Mangrove forests are also known as ‘Tidal Forests’ as they possess the quality of survival in both salty and freshwater.

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