Which of the following has Highest Lattice Enthalpy?

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

(A) NaCl

(B) KCl

(C) LiCl

(D) CsCl

LiCl has the highest lattice enthalpy. Lattice Enthalpy is defined as the energy needed for the separation of one mole of a solid ionic compound into its gaseous constituent ions. LiCl > NaCl > KCl > RbCl > CsCl. Consequently, we can say that LiCl has the highest lattice enthalpy.

Explain Lattice Enthalpy

For instance, the lattice enthalpy is 853 kJ mol-1 for LiCl. It refers to that the energy of 853 kJ is needed to separate one mole of solid LiCl to one mole of Li+(g) and one mole of Cl-(g) to an infinite distance. 

Ion size has an impact on lattice energy, which declines as size increases. Alkali metals grow in size from Li to Cs. The highest lattice enthalpy is in LiCl. The Coulombic interactions between ions in LiCl are higher than in NaCl because the Li+ ion is smaller than the Na+ ion. As a result, the lattice enthalpy increases. The following describes the lattice energy of alkali metal halides:


Which of the following has highest lattice enthalpy? (A) NaCl (B) KCl (C) LiCl (D) CsCl

Lattice enthalpy is greatest in LiCl. The lattice enthalpy of an ionic solid is the energy required to completely dissociate one mole of a solid ionic compound to its gaseous constituent ions.

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