Which abrasive is used for soft ferrous and non-ferrous metals for lapping?

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

(A) Copper oxide

(B) Fly Ash

(C) Sodium chloride

(D) Aluminium oxide

Aluminium oxide is used for soft ferrous and non-ferrous metals for lapping. For lapping mild steels and ferrous metals, fused alumina is employed. Lapping abrasives is defined as different kinds of abrasives used for lapping.

Types of Abrasive Used For Metal Lapping

Aluminum Oxide is used for soft steel and ferrous metals lapping. Abrasives that are often used include are explained below. It is important to understand to answer the question.

Silicon Carbide: This abrasive is exceedingly tough. Its grit is brittle and piercing. The cutting edges continuously wear away during lapping, revealing fresh cutting edges. This is regarded as being very excellent for lapping hardened steel and cast iron, especially when substantial stock clearance is needed.

Aluminum Oxide: Compared to silicon carbide, aluminum oxide is sharper and more durable. Both the fused and non-fused forms of aluminum oxide are employed. Fused alumina (aluminum oxide) effectively eliminates stock and produces a high-quality finish.

Boron Carbide: This is a pricey abrasive substance that is second only to diamond in hardness. It has superior cutting capabilities. It is only utilized in specialist applications like dies and gauges due to its high cost.

Diamond: It is used to lap tungsten carbide because it is the hardest substance of all. Additionally, rotary diamond laps are ready to precisely finish incredibly small holes that cannot be ground.


Which abrasive is used for soft ferrous and non-ferrous metals for lapping? (A) Copper oxide (B) Fly Ash (C) Sodium chloride (D) Aluminium oxide.

For lapping soft ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum oxide is employed. Aluminum oxide is considered to be sharper and more durable for a long time. It produces a special quality finish after eliminating stocks.

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