The substances which reduce friction are called ______? (A) Irregularities (B) Lubricants (C) Adhesives (D) Viscous

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

The substances which reduce friction are called lubricants. A lubricant is an additive, typically organic, that is used to lessen the friction between moving surfaces, and the object. It turns lessens the heat produced when the surfaces move. If the lubricants are put in a good amount then friction may get zero.

Lubricants Reduce Friction

A lubricant, also known as lube or lubrication, is a chemical that aids in reducing friction between surfaces in contact, hence lowering the heat produced when the surfaces move. Additionally, it might be used for force transmission, the transportation of foreign objects, or the heating or cooling of surfaces. Lubricity is the quality that lowers friction.

Lubricants are utilized for a variety of other things besides industrial applications. The use of oils and fats in cooking and baking to prevent food from sticking, bioapplications on people (such as lubricants for artificial joints), ultrasonography examination, medical examination, and sexual activity are some other uses. It is mostly used to lessen friction and to help a mechanism work better and more effectively.


The substances which reduce friction are called ____? (A) Irregularities (B) Lubricants (C) Adhesives (D) Viscous

Lubricants are chemicals that minimize friction. It is used between two surfaces that are in contact to lower the production of heat. Due to less friction, humans can not walk, and vehicles can not run on the road.

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