The shaft of an Induction motor is made of?

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

(A) Stainless steel 

(B) Cast Iron

(C) Carbon steel

(D) High stainless steel

The shaft of the Induction motor is made up of mild steel/carbon steel. The frame of an induction motor is made up of close-grained cast iron. Various parts of the induction motor are (I) Stator (II) Rotor (III) Fan (IV) Bearing.

Induction Motor Parts

Below, we have explained the Induction Motor Parts in detail to make you understand.


  • It comprises of a metal housing and a three-phase winding with a core.
  • The placement of the windings ensures that they are 120 degrees apart in space both mechanically and electrically.
  • A low-reluctance channel for the flux produced by AC currents is provided by the winding installed on the laminated iron core.
  • Between the stator and rotor, there is a consistent and balanced air gap.


  • It is a component of the motor that will rotate in order to provide mechanical output from a certain amount of electrical energy.
  • On the nameplate, it states the motor’s rated output in horsepower.
  • Its components are a shaft, a core, and short-circuited copper/aluminum bars.
  • The rotor is constructed from copper conductors that are not insulated and are short-circuited with end rings in rod or bar shapes. As a result, it is also known as a short-circuited rotor.
  • Therefore, it is not possible to put any external resistance in series with the rotor circuit for starting reasons when using a squirrel cage induction motor.
  • To prevent power loss from hysteresis and eddy currents, the rotor core is laminated.
  • A slide ring and brush assembly is not necessary.
  • Conductors are slanted to reduce cogging during startup and improve the stator-to-rotor transformation ratio.


The fan is attached to the back of the rotor to allow heat exchange, and as a result, it keeps the motor’s temperature within a certain range.

Bearing and shaft assembly:

  • The rotor is held up by the bearings.
  • By transferring the shaft load to the motor casing, it keeps the air gap open.
  • Over the shaft, the rotor core-winding assembly is placed.
  • The mechanical energy from the rotor is transferred to the load by the shaft, which extends outside the case.
  • Bearings need the most care when maintaining a motor since they are more susceptible to wear and tear.
  • Because of bearings, which act as a medium between the stator body and the rotor, the rotor may rotate.


The shaft of an Induction motor is made of? (A) Stainless steel (B) Cast Iron (C) Carbon steel (D) High stainless steel

An induction motor’s shaft is composed of carbon steel. Close-grained cast iron is used to make the frame of an induction motor. It works on the electromagnetic principle when it is placed in a rotating magnetic field.

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