The Eddy Current Loss in the Transformer Occurs in The?

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

(A) Primary winding

(B) Core

(C) Secondary winding

(D) None of these

The eddy current loss in the transformer occurs in the core. According to Faraday’s equations of electromagnetic induction, the fluctuating flux induces voltages in the material. These induced voltages cause currents to flow through the conductivity of the material. Eddy currents are the name for these induced currents that have no practical purpose.

Eddy Current Loss 

Eddy current loss in a transformer is essentially I2R loss that occurs in the core as a result of eddy current generation in the core.

The conductivity of the core directly relates to eddy current losses.

The transformer’s eddy current loss is determined by,

Pe = Kf2B2mt2V


K – eddy current coefficient Its worth is determined by the magnetic material’s properties.

Bm – Maximum value of flux density in Wb/m2

t – Thickness of lamination in meters

f – Frequency of reversal of the magnetic field in Hz

V – Volume of magnetic material in m3

The Uses of Eddy Current

  • Electrical devices like induction-type energy metres, which use the effect of eddy current to provide braking torque
  • to provide damping torque in instruments with moving coils that use permanent magnets.
  • Metal part cracks are found using eddy current equipment.
  • utilised with eddy current brakes in trains.

So, we can conclude that eddy current loss is frequency, flux density, and core thickness dependent.


The Eddy Current Loss in the Transformer Occurs in The? (A) primary winding (B) Core (C) Secondary winding (D) None of these

The transformer’s core is where the eddy current loss happens. The varying flux induces voltages in the material in accordance with Faraday’s equations for electromagnetic induction.

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