Low Level Languages Are Also Known As?

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

(A) Sources code

(B) Middle code

(C) High level Language

(D) Machine Language

Low-level languages are also known as Machine languages. To understand the technicalities, you need to learn what is Low-level programming language. Below, we have mentioned the detailed definition along with an example.

Low Level Programming Language?

A low-level programming language is one whose commands or functions are closely mapped to processor instructions and which offers little to no abstraction from a computer’s instruction set architecture. Typically, either machine code or assembly language is meant.

Examples of low-level programming languages:

  • Because C and C++ lack automatic memory management, they are now regarded as low-level languages.
  • High-level languages emerged later after the development of low-level languages.
  • Humans can understand high-level languages more readily, especially computer languages like Java.


Low-Level languages are also known as? (A) Sources code (B) Middle code (C) High-level Language (D) Machine Language.

Machine language is another name for low-level languages. It commands or functions to closely map to the instructions of the processor. It helps the machine to function smoothly.

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