Dicken’s formula for flood peak is given by

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

(a) Q = CA1/3

(b) Q = CA3/4

(c) Q = CA1/4

(d) Q = CA2/3

Dicken’s formula for flood peak is given by Q = CA3/4. The formula is used for various purposes such as catchments in central India and north India. In the formula, C is a constant whose value lies between 2.8 to 5.6 for catchments in plains and for catchments, in hills, it is between 14 and 28 and A is the area of the catchment.

Dicken’s formula for Flood Peak

Dicken’s Method

It was adopted for Northern India. QP = CDA3/4 where Qp = Peak discharge in m3 /s.

  • A = Area in km2 .
  • Cd = coefficient applicable in the region.

Different empirical methods for determining flood discharge are as follows:

  • Ryve’s Method: Qp = CRA2/3. This formula is used only in Southern India.
  • Jarvi’s Method: This formula is applicable for Eastern India. The formula is QP = C√A
  • Inglis Method: This formula is used only in Maharashtra. Here three different cases are taken into consideration. The formula is QP = 124A/√A + 10.4 = 123√A


Dicken’s formula for flood peak is given by (a) Q = CA1/3 (b) Q = CA3/4 (c) Q = CA1/4 (d) Q = CA2/3

Q = CA3/4 is Dicken’s formula for flood peak. It is used for catchments in north India whereas to determine the catchments in south India Ryve’s Method is used. The formula was developed by Dicken in 1985 in India.

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