Atomic radius is measured in?

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

(A) Micrometres

(B) Nanometres

(C) Millimetres

(D) Centimetres

Nanometers are used to measure atomic radius (10-9 m). The shortest distance between a nucleus and its outermost orbit is known as the atomic radius. Another unit of measurement is Angstroms (A0).

In a period of a periodic table, the atomic radius falls from left to right and increases from top to bottom. Any spectroscopic technique, including X-ray, can be used to estimate atomic radii.


Atomic radius is measured in (A) Micrometres, (B) Nanometres, (C) Millimetres (D) Centimetres

Nanometers (10-9 m) are used to measure the atomic radius. The smallest distance between the nucleus and outermost orbit is called the atomic radius.


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