CSIR GATE JRF Preparation Tips 2023 : Check Here All The Important Preparation Strategies

By Neetesh Tiwari|Updated : June 16th, 2022

CSIR GATE JRF Preparation Tips 2023: The CSIR GATE JRF Exam is conducted once every year, However, it takes a lot of hard work and Preparation strategies to crack too. The aspirants preparing for the CSIR GATE JRF Exam 2023 need to start their preparation with strong CSIR GATE JRF Preparation Tips 2023 to make it easy and effective. There are some points that need to be kept in mind to ace the exam with ease. As you must hear "Better A Good Ending Than A Good Begining", it becomes very crucial to end the preparation better. A well-developed CSIR GATE JRF Preparation Tips can really help to convert your dream of scoring well in the CSIR GATE JRF Exam 2023 into reality.

This article will cover the CSIR GATE JRF Preparation Tips 2023 for the aspirants to ensure a smooth and positive examination process. Read the full article to know about the preparation tips and things that need to be avoided on the exam day.

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CSIR GATE JRF 2023: Important Highlights

The candidates going to be appearing in the CSIR GATE JRF Examination 2023 can check the table below to know the important highlights related to the examination.



Mode Of The Examination 

Computer Based Test (Online)

Duration Of The Examination

3 Hours

Number of Papers in GATE Exam 2023 

29 Papers

 Number Of Sections

Two Sections

  • General Aptitude (GA)

  • Candidate Selected Subject

Formation of The Questions

The questions are formed to test the following abilities of the candidate-

  • Analysis ability

  • Application ability
  • Recalling ability

  • Comprehension ability
  • Synthesis Ability

Type of Questions Formed

  • Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Multiple Select Questions (MSQs)

Number of Questions in total

65 Questions

Distribution of Questions in all Papers except  GG, MA, PH AR, CY, EY, and XL

General Aptitude - 15 Marks

Engineering Mathematics - 13 Marks

Subject Questions - 72 Marks

Distribution of Questions in AR, PH, XH, CY, EY, GG, MA, and XL

General Aptitude - 15 Marks

Questions from Subject Concerned - 85 Marks

Total Marks Of The Examination

100 Marks

Marking Scheme followed

All of the questions will be worth 1 or 2 marks

Negative Marking Scheme

Two types of MCQs:

  • MCQs - 1 mark gained for each correct answer; every wrong answer will get 1/3 mark deducted.

  • MCQs - 2 marks gained for each correct answer; every wrong answer will get 2/3 marks deducted. There is no negative marking for Numerical Answer Type questions

  • NO negative marking was included for MSQ & NAT.

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CSIR GATE JRF 2023 Preparation Tips

Still, confused about how to prepare for the exam effectively? No need to panic. We will discuss important tips and tricks based on experience and expert opinion that will help you to ace your exam. Check all the preparation tips mentioned below:

1. Collect the Syllabus Wisely:

Aspiring candidates need to collect the CSIR GATE JRF Syllabus 2023 wisely for preparation. There is no need to cover the complete syllabus. Instead, note down the important topics and complete them first. This will help you in saving your time for practice. Knowing this, you will decide how many units/topics need to be covered in this time frame. Some topics/units will be there that you have already studied during your graduation. Skip these topics for revision only.

2. Make a Proper Time Table:

Some topics take time, and others take less time to study. First, go over your topics and create a suitable schedule to organize your time. Then, plan your time to use it more efficiently. For example, what time of day is it best to revise the concepts: morning, afternoon, or evening? Can you read the study material or practice well at this time? By organizing this, you will be able to understand what you want to do. Allot more time for tougher sections and less time for easy topics.

3. Do Not Panic:

Try to remain confident and not panic at the last moment. It will create only disturbance in your mind. If you remain confident, then it will definitely help you during the examination. The candidate should remain calm and relaxed during the examination. Students know the correct answer but sometimes mark it wrong during the examination due to panic.

4. Say A Big Yes to Superfoods/Antioxidants:

Your mind requires a lot of energy while studying and it is necessary tо tаke suрerfооds like сereаls, green vegetаbles, аnd аntiоxidаnts, giving роwer tо yоur brаin аnd аllоwing yоur brаin tо funсtiоn mоre effeсtively. It will not only help your body to remain fit, but it will allow your brain to work more efficiently. It is also advised to do some regular exercise to detoxify the body and keep the brain healthy.

5. Practice More:

It is suggested to practice more questions before attempting the final examination. Check the GATE JRF 2023 Examination Pattern and Prepare more for the sections that you think will take more time. It allows you to build your confidence and improve your time management skills also. The best method to analyse yourself is to practice a mock test. You can easily know your strength and weaknesses by attempting a mock test. Try to do some previous year questions as it will help you understand the types of questions asked previously and the difficulty level of the examination.

6. Make Quick Notes:

Try to make some quick short notes to revise the important concepts in one go at the last moment. Then, there will be no need to go through the whole syllabus again to check one concept. You can also write some important formulas and tips and tricks to revise them.

7. Take Regular Breaks During Study:

Our body requires some rest after doing hard work in the same way our mind also needs some break after continuous study. There is no point in studying for 6-7 hours continuously if you cannot capture the things; instead of this, make short intervals and take regular breaks after each interval. You can make 3 hours intervals for a perfect sitting. 2 hours of full concentration study is far better than 8 hours of distracted study.

8. Take Help from Your Seniors:

If you are stuck anywhere, then try to take help from your seniors and experts. They will guide you in a better manner. Try to consult with candidates or seniors who have qualified for the exam to guide you on the hurdles they faced during their preparation time. It will help you to build your confidence also.


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  • The upper age limit for different categories is mentioned below,

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