Peak Voltage Formula

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

In a series RL circuit, 12 V RMS is measured across the resistor, and 14 V RMS is measured across the inductor. The peak value of the source voltage is

  1. 18.4 V
  2. 26.0 V
  3. 2.0 V
  4. 20 V

Answer: B. 26 V

Peak voltage is 26.0 V



rms voltage across resistor VR=12 V

rms Voltage across inductor VL=14 V

In series RL circuit source voltage VS=VR∠0°+VL∠90°


Magnitude of VS=√(VR2+VL2)

VS=√[(12)2+(14)2]=√340 rms

Above determined value of source voltage is rms value.

Peak voltage of source VS,p=√2.Vrms=√(2×340)=26.076 Volts

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