If a Transformer have Turn Ratio 5

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

If a transformer have turn ratio 5, frequency 50 Hz, root mean square value of potential difference on primary winding is 100 volts and the resistance of the secondary winding is 500  then the peak value of voltage in secondary winding will be (the efficiency of the transformer is hundred percent)-

  1. 500√2 volts
  2. 50√2 volts
  3. 10√2 volts
  4. 40√2 volts

Answer: A. 500√2 volts

If a transform turn ratio is 5, then the value of voltage is 500√2 volts.


Transformer turn ratio K=5.

Root mean square value of induced voltage E1,rms=100 volts,

Root mean square vale of secondary winding =E2,rms

Transformer voltage (or) turns ratio K=E1,rms/E2,rms

So, E2,rms=k.E1,rms


E2,rms=500 volts

Then, peak value of secondary voltage E2,peak=√2×E2,rms


E2,peak=500√2 volts.

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