What was Elle, the measuring unit in Germany, used to measure?

By K Balaji|Updated : August 24th, 2022

Elle, or ell, was the measuring unit used in Germany, and parts of Europe. It denotes a cubit, and its unit of measure is the forearm and extended hand combined. Elle was used to measure the length of cloth. One elle equals to 18 inches or 0.45 metre.

The use of elle as a unit of measurement was not limited to Germany. It was used as a measuring unit in Scotland, Poland, Sweden, and other parts of Europe as well. To know more about ell, the measuring unit of Germany, read the information given below.

Elle - The German Measuring Unit

In Germany, the units of measurement used to vary from kingdom to kingdom. Elle was the measuring unit for cloth, and was represented by the forearm and the extended arm. If we compare the English units of measurement to elle, one elle would equal to 18 inches.

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  • Elle was a measuring unit in Germany. Represented by combining the forearm with the extended arm, elle was used to measure cloth in Germany. One elle equaled to 18 inches.

  • In Frankfurt, one length of elle would be 21 inches of cloth. The length of elle varied from region to region in various parts of Europe. However, it was a popular measuring unit in Germany.

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