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Three Capitals of Andhra Pradesh

Recently Government of Andhra Pradesh is demanding three capitals for their state. It is a South African Model of three capitals.

Administrative Capital: The place from where all the administrative works are carried out.

Legislative Capital: This is from where the legislative functions are carried out. i.e., Law-Making.

Judicial Capital: It is from where the judiciary institutions set up. i.e., High Court. 

South African Model:  

Here, the administrative capital is different from the judiciary capital of the state. And the national legislature is also different from it.

  • Administrative Capital: Pretoria
  • Legislative Capital: Cape Town
  • Judicial Capital: Bloemfontein

PROPOSAL by Government of Andhra Pradesh:

In this proposal, the CM Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy work on making the three capitals for Andhra Pradesh by the recommendation of the government-appointed G.N.Rao Committee. He Proposes the distribution of three organs of the governance. i.e., executive, legislative and judiciary governance across Vishakhapatnam, Amravati, and Kurnool, respectively. In this system, the location choices by the Upper, Central and Lower geographical regions. It shows that they are locating the three highly different parts of the state to ensure the overall development. 

This arrangement is recommended by the expert's committee of the Home Affairs Ministry in 2014. On studying alternatives for a new capital of the state, they were focusing on the GREENFIELD Capital City or Infrastructure

It suggested utilising ten years to continue functions from Hyderabad after bifurcation. BIFURCATION OF STATE into two states. i.e., Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This based on language or linguistic. The current Capital of Andhra Pradesh is Amaravati.

The motive behind it / Objective to carry out decentralisation for better and inclusive development of the state.


  • The government of Andhra Pradesh must consider the facts that considerable work has been completed in Amaravati to utilised it as a functioning capital.
  • Suppose Amaravati has the limits to hosting only the Assembly. In that case, it must consider the concern of affected farmers, as they gave up their land for land pooling system to make a grand capital on the time of the TDP Government.
  • Amaravati was already working and functioning with Secretariate and Legislative works from 2016 and high court from 2019.
  • If it is implemented, proper co-operation among these different capitals should be a significant challenge.
  • Geographical difference and distance may affect the smooth teamwork coordination among them.

Most Important Questions asked:

  • Whether the large states of India adopt this methodology, or should it remain the same?
  • Recent Proposal of Andhra Pradesh about the above issues.
  • What are the significant challenges faced to implement this model?
  • Questions related to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.
  • For creating one or two or more capitals of states, whether it is feasible or else?
  • Analysis and feasibility of three capitals.
  • Whether this model will help in decentralisation, whether will it increase efficiency? 



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ChaitanyaJul 1, 2021

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Since unseating N Chandrababu Naidu as Andhra chief minister in May 2019, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has rattled investors by rolling back some of Naidu’s decisions, putting current and future investments in the southern state at risk.
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ChaitanyaJul 1, 2021

Reddy might be hoping to achieve multiple objectives with his moves. “Every decision of Jagan is aimed at badly damaging the financial roots of his political rivals, while at the same time showcasing it as being for the public good so as to reap significant political mileage.
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ChaitanyaJul 1, 2021

Unprecedented vengeance and hatred against previous regime resulting in stalling of Polavaram project, killing Amaravathi and other development projects. Showing the door to Adanis, Ambanis,Tatas,Nadars,Lulus,Keas. Unlimited irrational,vote getting freebies. How will G.D.P grow?
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ChaitanyaJul 1, 2021

Expecting an article about why South African model 3 capital was failed...

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