How to Prepare GK& Current Affairs Section for BLAT 2021 Exam? Experts Tips & Suggestions

By Prakhyati Chauhan|Updated : September 3rd, 2021

BHU BLAT Current Affairs 2021 Preparation: Candidates preparing for BLAT Exam 2021 must be well versed with the latest BLAT Paper pattern 2021. To crack the BHU law entrance exam, a student requires proper strategy and strong preparation for BHU LLB before the final examination. The five different sections of BLAT 2021 will consist of: English Comprehension, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, and Current Affairs.

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There are specific techniques and a well-planned strategy to prepare the General Knowledge & Current Affairs for the BLAT that can prove to be quite beneficial for candidates. Here are some important preparation tips that you can incorporate into your approach.  We will discuss in detail the approach and preparation strategy for the "General Knowledge & Current Affairs" Section.  


BLAT GK Questions 2021

A total of 150 questions are asked in the BLAT exam that covers the above-mentioned subjects. For the Current Affairs & GK Section, 45 questions are asked for a total of 135 marks. 

The exam follows the 'negative marking scheme' where 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect answer and 3 marks are awarded for each correct one. It is to be noted that no marks are added or subtracted from the total marks for the unattempted question or the questions left unanswered.

Here, we have presented a crystal-clear section-wise distribution of questions & the weightage of the particular section by analyzing the last four year's (2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020) Question paper of BLAT : 


Total Number of Questions

      Total Marks

English Language (including Comprehensive)



Current Affairs & General Knowledge



Legal Aptitude & Legal Reasoning



Quantitative Aptitude



Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability




BLAT Books for Current Affairs & General Awareness 

One can use all-in-one type books like Lucent general knowledge, GK Today for BLAT preparation. You may refer to the books given below:

  • Quarterly Current Affairs by Disha Publication
  • Daily Newspapers (The Hindu, The Indian Express & The Time of India or any of them)
  • Manorama Year Book (with Questionnaire)
  • Lucent's General Knowledge

BLAT Syllabus for GK & Current Affairs Section 

As the BLAT syllabus of the General Knowledge & Current Affairs Section is too lengthy, it is equally important to identify the area/topic that should be given 100% during preparation mode.

Syllabus for General Knowledge - Current Affairs Section of BLAT 2021:

  • International Meeting (Indians with foreign counterparts)
  • Appointment/Resignation
  • Books & Authors
  • Ranking & Indices
  • Ancient History
  • Indian & World Geography (especially Minerals and Resources)
  • Important Operations & Defence Exercises
  • Science and Technology
  • Sports & Honours'
  • Space Research Organizations (NASA, ISRO, Private Companies)
  • Important Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Important Schemes launched by respective State Government/ Central Government
  • Important Collaborations & Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs)

BLAT 2020 Previous Year Questions (2020)

Q1.The time at Cairo is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich. Hence Cairo is located at :

  1. 30 degree East longitude

  2. 30 degree West longitude

  3. 25 degree East longitude

  4. 25 degree West longitude

Ans. A. 

Q2.Which of the following desert is rich in gold reserves?

  1. Atacama

  2. Mongolian

  3. Arabian

  4. Thar

Ans. A. 

Q3.Which of the following is the wettest place in India?

  1. Mawsynram

  2. Cherapunji

  3. Tiruanantpuram

  4. Bhubaneshwar

Ans. A. 

Q4.Koderma in Jharkhand is a leading producer of:

  1. Mica

  2. Bauxite

  3. Iron

  4. Copper

Ans. A. 

Q5." El Nino " effect is associated with :

  1. Pacific Jet Stream

  2. Canaries Current

  3. Gulf Current

  4. Humboldt Current

Ans. A. 

Q6.Who was defeated by Sher Shah in the battle of Chausa?

  1. Babur

  2. Humayun

  3. Shahjahan

  4. Akbar

Ans. B. 

Q7.Tripitakas are the sacred texts of :

  1. Jainism

  2. Buddhism

  3. Parsi religion

  4. Hinduism

Ans. B. 

Q8.Which newspaper was edited by Bal Gangadhar Tilak ?

  1. The Bombay Chronicle

  2. Lokrajya

  3. Maratha

  4. Bengal Gazette

Ans. C. 

Q9.Magasthenes was the ambassador of :

  1. Seleucus

  2. Alexander

  3. Darius

  4. Kanishka

Ans. A. 

Q10.Which dynasty issued bilingual and bi-script coins in India for the first time?

  1. Indo Greeks

  2. Shaka

  3. KuShana

  4. Parthian

Ans. A. 


How to prepare for the General Awareness and Current Affairs Section of BLAT 2021?

We can clearly say from the above-mentioned table that the General Knowledge & Current Affairs Section is dominated in BLAT Examination as it covers around 30% (45 Questions) of the total Question Paper. Every candidate who is going to appear for BLAT 2021 is strictly advised to cover the Current Affairs of the last nine months at least as well as the based-Static General Knowledge.

After years of pattern and actual paper analysis, it is 200% sure that the General Awareness and Current Affairs section has very straightforward questions. This section requires the least amount of time to be attempted as the candidate either knows the answer or he/she simply does not; hence it is referred as the "Make-or-Break" Section for BLAT Examination. There is no middle ground with this section and guesswork is not an option. 

Read the tips enlisted below on how to ace the General Awareness and Current Affairs section:

  1. Reading daily newspapers, weekly or monthly magazines, and avoid watching the news regularly while in preparation mode is advised, as it can distract a candidate by adding irrelevant stuff which carries nothing towards improvement in this section.

  2. Always prepare your NOTES from reputed newspapers in Bullet points. It will immensely help while revising the things at the end moment. Make a journal and write important news or data covering the narrations under two or three bullet points. 

  3. Take a peek into the BLAT previous year’s question papers and get an idea of the type of questions that might be asked in the final examination. Try to cover such information while preparing for the same.

  4. Download or subscribe to e-magazines, news apps, newspapers as they keep you notified and updated. 

  5. Apply the "Joining-the-Dots" approach while preparing for Current Affairs. They will be really helpful in connecting the events from the past. This approach also helps in preparing Static General Knowledge and Current Affairs simultaneously.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Conquer this section and start preparing for the Admission-cum-counselling procedure.



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  • BLAT 2021 is held and conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) for all aspirants to qualify for the program. 

  • The total number of the maximum available seats is 74.

  • The 2 hours BLAT 2021 is held in both the offline and online mode. 

  • According to the pattern, BLAT 2021 is divided into 5 sections.

  • As per the previous year question paper analysis, there will be around 45 questions from current affairs sections in BLAT 2021.

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