BLAT English Preparation: How to Prepare English Language Section for BHU Law Exam?

By Prakhyati Chauhan|Updated : September 9th, 2021

The English Language is an omnipresent discipline from an academic point of view & an omnipotent section from a competitive examination's point of view. As per the BLAT Syllabus 2021, English Language Section is an integral part of the BHU BA LLB Exam 2021. As per the experts and toppers, the English section in the BLAT 2021 is also one of the easier and scoring sections of the paper. 

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The English Language is an omnipresent discipline from an academic point of view & an omnipotent section from a competitive examination's point of view. As per the BLAT Syllabus 2021, English Language Section is an integral part of the BHU BA LLB Exam 2021. As per the experts and toppers, the English section in the BLAT 2021 is also one of the easier and scoring sections of the paper.

Here in this informative article, we will discuss in detail the importance of the English Language Section in the BHU BLAT exam. Comparatively (among five sections), the English Language Section of the BLAT Examination is easy-to-moderate. Hence, it is again one of the rank-booster sections as well as a less time-consuming section.

BLAT English Syllabus 2021

English section will consist of the question on the areas like vocabulary (Synonyms, Antonyms, analogies etc.) Proficiency (Idioms and Phrases, one-word substitution, Sentence Improvement and rearrangement, fill in the blanks etc.) English comprehension with a minimum of two passages followed by five to ten questions that test reading and reasoning abilities.

BLAT English Questions 

English Comprehension, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness and Current Affairs are the five sections around which the BLAT Examination revolves. A total of 150 questions are asked in the exam that covers the aforementioned subjects. Check the detailed BLAT exam pattern 2021

  • Approximately, 30 questions are asked in the English section. 

Distribution based on Question-type for the English Language section of BLAT Exam is as under:

We can clearly say from the above-mentioned table that almost 20% (30 Questions) of the BLAT Question Paper are covered by the English Language Section. Based on the last four years question papers of BLAT, we have carved out an in-depth analysis upon the topics of the "English Language" Section:

Check latest BLAT Syllabus 2021 


                   No. of Questions

Idioms and Phrases


Parts of Speech/English Grammar




Reading Comprehension


Vocabulary/Spelling Test


Section-Wise English Preparation Tips for BLAT 2021

Check the BLAT preparation tips for the English section below, 

BLAT English Comprehension Section Preparation 

Reading and Comprehension are two different things when it comes to the level of preparation for any competitive exam. It's not a cakewalk where you are expecting to comprehend 1000 words of a quality editorial after reading it for once. The comprehension skill develops gradually when you start reading more and more and more. The more you read the more you will grasp and you will deliver the ultimate in the actual exam.

Reading Comprehension of the BLAT Exam can be related to legal matters or any general issues as seen in the previous years' papers. Your preparation of the Legal Aptitude Section may give you some advantage here.

  • Since the passage is lengthy, you must practice an ample number of reading comprehensions to increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Candidates are advised to read reputed, authenticated and quality newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, etc. to develop accuracy in Reading Comprehension.

Candidates generally stuck with the passages which sometimes need a bit more time to comprehend and then come to the conclusion. Here, the technique of 'Reverse Mechanism'  would be very helpful. Under this technique, the candidates are advised to read the "questions based on the passage along with their options" first, then read the passage; rather than, reading the passage first, then attempting the questions based on it. 'Reverse Mechanism'  technique is a trial & tested trick. It really helps in saving those precious seconds which eventually decide the ranks.

Vocabulary/Antonyms - Synonyms

Vocabulary forms a significant part of the English section in BLAT. In general, BLAT features questions such as the Finding the same word/opposite word, Spelling Test or identifying the misspelt words based on context and Fill in the Blanks based on vocabulary knowledge.

  • The level of the words used in these questions varies from easy to moderate.
  • Candidates are advised to revise the words they have learnt till now and also inculcate a reading habit that will help them learn new words.
  • Use different techniques like the association method, roots, word lists, etc. to remember words.
  • While reading the newspapers, etc., try to make a word-list from the same.
  • Practicing questions on vocabulary is imperative to achieve a good score in this section. 

Grammar/Parts of Speech

There are eight parts of speech in the English language: noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection.

  • The part of speech indicates how the word functions in meaning as well as grammatically within the sentence.
  • It features a healthy weightage under the English Language section of the BLAT exam.
  • Practicing an ample number of questions can help the candidates to ace this section.
  • Brush up the basics of grammar to correctly tackle sentence correction and error detection based questions.

Idioms and Phrases (Stepwise preparation for this tricky topic)

  • First and foremost maintain a list of all the Idioms you know of and encounter while preparing for the BLAT or any Law Entrance Examination. While studying, if you come across any unfamiliar and new ones, note them down along with meaning and context. This list will help you recall while doing your revision.

  • Pick out five idioms and phrases from the books you're using for preparation and use them to form sentences or try to learn the context behind them for practice.

  • Idioms and phrases just can't be used anywhere and everywhere. They have a certain meaning and context. So, as to learn better, learn the contexts behind them. This shall help you to understand and remember that particular idiom/phrase in a more subjective way.

  • Read the idiom, again and again, to try and decipher a context between words used and the actual meaning. For example: "Better late than never disguise". It means if we don't get something done we might regret later, that we didn't do it at all. 

Practicing BLAT Previous Year Question Paper is really important and equally helpful in BLAT 2021.

  • Generally, questions from this portion are repeated from past year papers. So keep a note of all those idioms and phrases asked in the previous papers and keep a list to help memorize better.

[REMEMBER: English Language/ Comprehension is one of the easiest sections of the BLAT Exam. Here, you as a candidate have a better chance to score more in this section and ace the overall exam.]

Best Books for BHU BLAT 2021

The ideal method to begin your exam preparation for the next BHU entrance exam is with the best BHU BA LLB Books. However, applicants' main concern is "How to study & where to study from." As a result, we've come to help you with one of your most pressing concerns. We've compiled a list of the finest books for BLAT exam preparation.

Check the best BHU BA LLB preparation books for the English section 

Books Name Author/ PublicationDetails
Word Power Made EasyNorman LewisIt will help in building Vocabulary, Antonyms & Synonyms
High School English Grammar and CompositionWren & MartinIt will help in strengthening the 'Parts of Speech & Grammar Section
Lucent's General EnglishLucent-
Objective General EnglishRS Aggarwal 



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  • The question pattern is Objective Multiple Choice Questions with Four Options.

  • The total number of the maximum available seats is 74.

  • According to the pattern, BLAT 2021 is divided into 5 sections.

  • The total allotted time for the BLAT exam is 2 hrs.

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