How to Prepare for KSET Exam 2021 While Working, Tips and Best Strategy, Study Material & Notes

By Raja Pandit|Updated : February 9th, 2021

KSET Exam Preparation Tips and Strategy 2021: The official notification of KSET EXAM 2021 has been released by the University of Mysore at the official site. The KSET exam will be held on Sun 11th April 2021. The application form for the exam will go on from Monday 08th February 2021. The last date for filling application form is Sunday 07th March 2021. The last date for submission of online application with a late fee of Rs.250/- is Sat 13th Mar 2021. 

The University of Mysore conducts the Karnataka State Eligibility Test (KSET) for Assistant Professorship. KSET will be governed by the rules and regulations for recruitment of lectures / Assistant Professors of the concerned University / Colleges / Institutions (Government / Aided / Private) in Karnataka State.

The Karnataka State Eligibility Test (KSET) is an important test conducted by the Karnataka State Eligibility Test Center by the University of Mysore. The KSET is recognized by the UGC-NET Bureau in Delhi, as being the test for the Assistant Professor in the university and other colleges in Karnataka. The KSET is conducted for 41 subjects at eleven Nodal Centers which are spread out across the state of Karnataka.

The KSET is a rigorous test which one can opt for if they want to pursue the teaching profession at entry-level.

The KSET is a competitive exam, and various academics and professionals apply for it to get selected on the merit list. These candidates can be further recruited into various colleges as lecturers and assistant professors. As a rule, aspirants who qualify the KSET exam once, are not allowed to apply for the same subject again. The aspirant should have appeared or should be appearing to qualify a Master’s degree to appear for KSET.

It is a test that requires a systematic plan to cover the syllabus. With a clear schedule, it can become easier to crack KSET 2021. Below, we shall explain how you can prepare for the KSET exam while working.

Karnataka SET Preparation Guide While Working

There is a wide range of people who apply for the KSET because of the stable and lucrative career options it offers. Various academics and Ph. D. holders who apply for the test are often well-versed in it. The exam is conducted once a year, and there are limited chances to apply. Therefore, one should follow a tried and tested plan to score well in this.

Here are a few tips and tricks which one should take care during KSET preparation

  • Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and syllabus

One must go through the KSET previous years’ question papers to get an idea of the exam pattern and the type of questions asked. There should be a thorough revision of the syllabus of the exam understanding all the different sub-topics which are specified. Studying the exam pattern and syllabus of the KSET Exam can give you a lot of extra edge and convenience during preparation for KSET.

  • Distribute time as per topics and chapters

Not all topics require the same amount of time. Some chapters are easier than others and can be covered in a shorter duration, giving you extra time for difficult portions. Try to estimate the level of ease of each chapter before you begin them and set the most achievable goal to cover them in time.

  • Make a study plan and follow it strictly

One should make a study plan which must include all the subjects and topics as per the syllabus. It is important to follow it strictly. If you skip one portion, make sure to accommodate it back in your schedule sooner and finish it off. Make a dynamic schedule that gives you an ample amount of time to cover other tasks and also retain your mental freshness and health.

  • Use memory improvement techniques

There are various memory enhancement techniques that can help you retain the knowledge quicker and more effectively. It would help if you determine what suits you best while studying. One can try visualizing concepts, reading out loud or mnemonic devices that help you recall information better.

  • Take separate time for languages

Learning and understanding the tone and grammar for languages require a lot of extra reading and writing practice. One can dedicate a separate amount of time for that since it cannot be covered simply by a textbook. For English, there is Wren & Martin, which one can continuously revise, but reading newspaper articles can also be beneficial along with it.

  • Practice arithmetic calculations

There are specific subjects like Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Physics, and Chemistry, which need to be continuously revised. A lot of arithmetic calculations are also required which need practice regularly. It is essential to polish your skills while you practice so that you become quicker at them.

  • Take care of mental and physical health

It is essential to sleep well and take a healthy diet during exam preparation. A good mental and physical health should keep you active and refreshed up while studying so that you retain information more effectively. Therefore, you should have enough gaps in your schedule so that you don’t get over-stressed mugging up.

One must take care of the points above while preparing for the KSET 2021 exam as it is very competitive in nature. Set a study goal and make a plan considering the entire syllabus and your capacity to study with focus. Smartly utilizing time is an integral part of preparing well for exams.

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Best Study Plan to Prepare KSET 2021 Exam with a Job

Best Study Plan for Karnataka SET for working candidates

Several people apply for the KSET long after they complete a Masters or PhD and who prefer to have different work experiences before pursuing teaching. Many applicants also prefer to keep their jobs as a back-up plan. Preparation for KSET can be difficult while going for regular jobs. Nonetheless, with a fixed plan, it can become quite easy to crack the test.



Daily Time duration

Paper 1 – General


Two Hours

Paper 2 - Elective


Three Hours



One Hour

There should be separate time devoted to the two papers, and your plan must systematically cover each topic. Always make a particular time for revision of the entire portion you cover. Weekly revisions can also be helpful. You can adapt your schedule as per your work timings.

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Topic-wise Strategy to Prepare for Karnataka SET 2021 while Working

It is important to go through each topic of the paper to ensure better marks. There are two papers in the exam- the General paper consists of 50 questions of two marks each and a second paper which is the subject chosen by the candidate. The elective paper has 100 questions of two marks. It is important to attempt maximum questions since there is no negative marking. Here is a section-wise analysis of the general paper.

1- Teaching Aptitude

This unit will test your teaching objectives and some general requirements to teach among various parameters.

2- Research Aptitude

This unit shall test your aptitude for research and analysis and how much you have grasped the methods and steps of research. You must learn research theories and ways to practice it for the relevant application.

3- Comprehension

You will be given a passage of text and will be required to answer questions related to it. You must practice reading widely to ace in this portion.

4- Communication

It will test your understanding of excellent communication in groups and what could be potential barriers to it. The questions are of a very theoretical level, and you must have a clear concept of excellent communication in a classroom.

5- Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude

This portion includes basic types of reason, series and relationships, and basic maths. It would be best if you practiced maths regularly to ace this section.

6- Logical Reasoning

This will test your understanding of the structure of arguments, analogies, Venn diagrams and other topics based on logic. This portion also requires regular practice of such questions through question banks.

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7- Data Interpretation

This will test your capacity to understand qualitative and quantitative data and how to interpret them as per situations. It’s a relatively easy section and can be covered by a conceptual understanding of data.

8- Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

This section will test your basic knowledge of the internet, ICT and its role in governance. In the age of digital technology, this is a very relevant portion, and it will expect you to be well aware of the latest developments in teaching and its technology.

9- People, Development and Environment

This portion will cover theories on development and sustainability. Good knowledge of environmental science and its importance for people is required.

10- Higher Education System

For aspirants getting in the ranks of educational institutes, this portion will test your understanding of education, its policies and various categories associated with it. Research and get a thorough understanding of higher education in India and its history to score in this portion.

There are 40 options for the elective paper and each of them has extensive portions to cover. Make sure to make your plans as per the syllabus and give each topic its due practice and research. The general paper, as the name suggests, has more basic questions which are more scoring. One must keep track of the topics above to not miss out marks on them.


By setting up a proper plan and religiously following it, no one can stop you from scoring well in the upcoming KSET 2021. Be assured of carrying along with your job, along with the right preparation. Make sure that you give ample time for revising everything that you learn. Give yourself a few months rather than a few days to prepare, so that you cover each topic well enough to answer all questions related to it.

Also, don’t forget to eat and sleep well. A calm and aware mind can take you to success even in the direst of situations.

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