Belgium has Worked on the Principles of Accommodation. Explain

By Ruchika|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The government of Belgium follows the principles of accommodation. The Belgian government works on the concept of power-sharing which is aimed at reducing conflict. The principles of accommodation ensure that there is equal representation. 

Principles of Accommodation in Belgium

Belgium has worked on the principle of accommodation to ensure the smooth running of the country. They have formed a framework which promotes equal shares of power and representation for the French and Dutch citizens of the country. the principles of accommodation in Belgium are based on the following tenets:

  • There is an equal amount of Dutch and French-speaking ministers in the central government.
  • The central government and state government hold an almost equal amount of power.
  • To ensure everyone is treated equally, for different linguistic groups special laws are created.
  • In Brussels, the french-speaking population has accepted equal representation whereas, in the central government, the dutch-speaking population has agreed to equal representation as per the principles of accommodation.

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  • The principles of accommodation in Belgium is a framework within which the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking populations are given equal representation in the governments.

  • The Belgian government is formed on power sharing concept and follows the principles of accommodation it has worked on. It states the equal representation of people of different linguistic groups to ensure just and fair treatment.

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