NCHMCT JEE Syllabus 2023 - Download Subject-wise PDF

NCHMCT JEE Syllabus 2023 - Download Subject-wise PDF

ByNeeraj Mishra  |  Updated on: Jul 11, 2022
Candidate can check the detailed syllabus for NCHMCT JEE 2023 for all sections. Candidate can also download the NCHMCT JEE Syllabus PDF here. Also know about Important topics to be asked in NCHMCT JEE exam.

NCHMCT JEE Syllabus will is specified by the National Testing Agency (NTA) so that students may study properly for the entrance examination. The NCHMCT JEE syllabus will serve as a road map for those preparing for NCHM JEE. The NCHMCT JEE syllabus outlines the subjects and ideas that students will be assessed on in the final exam. Students may determine what topics take the most time by looking at the hotel management entrance exam syllabus, and thereafter divide the time appropriately. Students will also get to know the specific weightage of various sections in the NCHMCT JEE through the syllabus prescribed by NTA. 

NCHMCT JEE Syllabus 2023

For all candidates applying for NCHMCT JEE Exam 2022, the NCHMCT JEE Syllabus must be extremely clear. The Syllabus is divided into five sections, and all applicants must familiarize themselves with each section and its syllabus. Although the National Council for Hotel Management (NCHM) does not publish the NCHMCT JEE syllabus, experts have developed one based on previous year's papers. Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude, Reasoning and Logical Deduction, English Language, General Knowledge & Current Affairs, and Service Sector Aptitude are the five sections of NCHMCT JEE 2023. These parts cover a wide range of topics, each with a particular weighting in the exam. According to the NCHMCT JEE syllabus, the exam paper will include 200 questions.

The NCHMCT JEE syllabus outlines the subjects and concepts that students will be evaluated on in the final exam. Students may determine out what topics take the most time by looking at the NCHMCT JEE syllabus, and then split the time accordingly. The exam will last three hours and will be worth 200 marks. There will be a negative -1 mark for every wrong answer.


The NCHMCT JEE Syllabus PDF can be downloaded from the Link provided below. It is important to download the exam PDF, which must be maintained on the device or printed in order to stay up to date with the newest syllabus. We have provided a direct link to the NCHMCT JEE Syllabus PDF to save candidates time and effort.

NCHMCT JEE Syllabus - Download Here

NCHMCT JEE Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme

Candidates must first grasp the NCHMCT JEE Paper Pattern in order to fully understand the NCHMCT JEE Syllabus. The five sections of the exam paper include English language, reasoning, and logical deduction, numerical ability and analytical aptitude, general knowledge and current affairs, and aptitude for the service sector. All of the questions, with the exception of the English Language section, are available in both English and Hindi, making the paper bilingual. The Marking Scheme for this NCHMCT JEE Exam Pattern is also provided below to know the marking structure better.

SectionNumber of QuestionTotal MarksCorrect AnswerIncorrect AnswerTime Duration
Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude30120+4-1

03 Hours

Reasoning and Logical Deduction30120+4-1
General Knowledge & Current Affairs30120+4-1
English Language60240+4-1
Aptitude for Service Sector50200+4-1

Note: There are no marks deducted for questions that are not answered, and there is no negative marking for Non-MCQ questions.

Detailed Section-wise NCHMCT JEE Syllabus

The NCHMCT JEE syllabus consists of five sections. Candidates must be very clear about the complete section-wise syllabus for the exam. The NCHMTC JEE syllabus 2023 sections are as follows:

  • Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude.
  • Reasoning and Logical Deduction.
  • General Knowledge & Current Affairs.
  • English Language.
  • Aptitude for Service Sector.

The detailed section-wise NCHMCT JEE syllabus is given in the table below:

NCHMCT JEE Syllabus for Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude Section
Elementary MathematicsArithmetic (Number Theory)
Number SystemsSquare Roots
Cube RootsFractions and Decimals
HCF and LCMSimplification
VariationChain Rule
Ratio and ProportionAverage
LogarithmsSimple Interest
Compound InterestPercentage calculation
Profit and LossCalculate areas and volumes
Unitary Method QuestionsAge Questions
Clocks & CalendarSpeed
Time and Distance Work and Wage
NCHMCT JEE Syllabus for Reasoning and Logical Deduction Section
Analytical ReasoningDirection and Distance
Linear ArrangementComplex Arrangement
Coding and DecodingSeries
Blood relationsSymbols and notations
Alphabet TestData interpretation
SyllogismStatements arguments
Statements assumptions & conclusionsStatements action
Problems based on SymmetryProblems based on Visual Ability
NCHMCT JEE Syllabus for English Language Section
Spelling mistakesEnglish proficiency
Idioms and phrasesOne word substitution
Sentence formationSentence completion
Sentence ReconstructionRearrangement of words in a sentence
Rearrangement of the sentence in paragraphParagraph formation
Paragraph completionFill in the blanks
NCHMCT JEE Syllabus for General Knowledge Section
Books and authorsFamous personalities
Inventions and discoveriesLanguages
World organizationsDisasters
Statistical data of the WorldPrizes and awards
Solar SystemEarth
Natural calamitiesSports
NCHMCT JEE Syllabus for Current Events Section
National EventsInternational Events
EconomyScience and Technology

The NCHMCT JEE Syllabus for an Aptitude for the service sector section has 50 Questions. For this section, situation-based questions will require the presence of mind and will check the,

  • IQ: Intelligence Quotient,
  • EQ: Emotional Quotient, and
  • SQ: Social Quotient.

Preparation Tips for NCHMCT JEE Syllabus

The NCHMCT JEE Syllabus can easily be covered by candidates. Candidates with an understanding of mathematics and English should attempt questions and review their topics. To shape your preparation in the proper way, use the NCHMCT JEE Preparation Tips for NCHMCT JEE Syllabus from professionals. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Concentrate on the NCHMCT JEE syllabus, breaking it down into sections and sub-sections thoroughly examining it to have a thorough understanding of it.
  • Make a Preparation Plan and stick to it. Before beginning exam preparation, it is important to implement a study strategy.
  • Please begin practicing with someone who understands what they're doing and can guide you in the right way. You'll require a lot of preparation to pass the NCHMCT JEE exam. It may be used to prepare for the NCHMCT JEE Mock Test.
  • Candidates should attempt as many NCHMCT JEE sample papers and NCHMCT JEE question papers as they can from previous years. As a consequence, the exam day score of a student will improve.
  • Make reading your daily habit. A daily newspaper is the best option for that where you’ll enhance your current affairs along with the English Language. Newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ are one of the best print ones can get to read.
  • Also, you should make a habit to write one page daily on any of the news topics you might have just read at the beginning of the day to enhance your critical reasoning along with reading speed and understanding of the context of the passage. It improves your writing skills and makes you grammatically sound.
  • While reading a daily rag, you might come across certain words that you’re not aware of. Just take note of such words and find their meaning in the dictionary. This is how you can improve your vocabulary as well.
  • Also, you can read any magazine, periodicals, fiction books, editorials, etc. to enhance your reading and English skills.

Best Books for NCHMCT JEE Syllabus

Candidates should select the Best Books for the NCHMCT JEE Syllabus that will help them understand all of the syllabus's major subjects and characteristics. Candidates will be well prepared for the exam with the help of these books. Below is a list of the Best Books for the NCHMCT JEE Syllabus.

Best Books for NCHMCT JEE Syllabus
High School English GrammerWren & Martin
Objective EnglishR.S. Agrawal
Verbal and Non-verbal reasoningR.S. Agrawal
Analytical ReasoningM.K. Pandey
Data InterpretationR.S. Agrawal
Data InterpretationArun Sharma
Yearly General KnowledgePearson
The Ultimate Guide for Hotel ManagementArihant Publication
Hotel Management GuideR. Gupta

NCHMCT JEE Exam Syllabus FAQs

  • The subjects covered in the English section of the NCHMCT JEE syllabus are listed above in detail. To improve, practice questions on topics like as direct and indirect speech, idioms and phrases, reading comprehension, and so on.

  • Inventions and discoveries, Prizes and accolades, Fashion Events, Famous Persons, and Sports Events are all important topics in the General Knowledge section of the NCHMCT JEE Syllabus.

  • Be very clear about the NCHMCT JEE syllabus and the exam pattern before the preparation. Complete the syllabus in a systematic manner and practice & revise using the mock test before the exam. Also, check the NCHMCT JEE preparation tips for all the sections. 

  • High School English Grammer by Wren & Martin, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning by R.S. Agrawal, Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma, Yearly General Knowledge by Pearson,  The Ultimate Guide for Hotel Management by Arihant Publication, Hotel Management Guide by R. Gupta are some of the Best Books for NCHMCT JEE Syllabus.

  • Candidates can have a complete understanding of the types of questions asked in the NCHMCT JEE exam, as well as the test's difficulty level and NCHMCT JEE syllabus, by solving previous years' NCHMCT JEE question papers.