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By Kanika Ralhan|Updated : June 20th, 2018

In this article, we will discuss the BOB Manipal Job Profile of Probationary Officer (PO), what all a PO is expected to do and the promotion and career aspects. A detailed Pros and Cons is listed below for the BOB Manipal Job Profile of PO, why you should or should not opt for this program. We will also touch upon the comparison of job profiles between a direct recruit bank PO and a PO who joined through BMSBBank of Baroda (BOB) notification has been released for its much-acclaimed Recruitment Program from the Baroda Manipal School of Banking (BMSB) for the Post of Probationary Officer JMGS-I and this time, BOB Manipal PO Exam will be conducted for 600 students. 


We have already shared the Exam Pattern and Syllabus of BOB Manipal PO as well as its Selection Procedure. Now, let us have a look at BOB Manipal PO Job Profile.

Bank of Baroda Manipal PO - About Program

Just like other banking exams, it is a gateway to your finance career. At present, the IBPS or any other banking recruitment exam has graduation as the eligibility criteria. The Engineers, commerce graduates, science graduates etc. come into the system untrained without any knowledge of the banking and finance world. BMSB aims to improve this by providing intensive classroom training and making the selected students undergo a course on Post Graduate Certificate in Banking and Finance. 

BOB Manipal PO Job Profile

Job Profile of BOB Manipal PO may be categorised in 2 phases, which are - Life at BMSB and Life after BMSB

BOB PO - Life at Baroda Manipal School of Banking (BMSB)

BMSB is more or less like a school than a college. Since the bank is investing heavily in the students at BMSB, they expect commitment and have the curriculum is evolved over the years and the utmost focus is on discipline. You will be provided with hostels and your stay, food, books etc. is covered in the course fees.

  • Your day will start with early morning Yoga or PT and then classes from 9 am to 5:30 pm.
  • You will be treated like an officer and not a student and as a result, they expect discipline from you.
  • You will not get any leave without the permission of Dean and you need 100% attendance to write exams.
  • The classes are from Monday to Friday with Saturdays devoted to Project Work and hands-on to Finacle.

However, after the classes, you are free to do anything. The boys are expected to be back by 9:30 pm and girls by 7:30 pm. Life is fun there and you will be friends with many people of different regions. Apart from the studies, there are many activities and fun stuff that BMSB organises. BMSB very often organises lectures by experts from the Industry. You will have ample material to study get yourself averse with the banking world. BMSB provides library service which includes access to e-library, exclusive study material prepared by Baroda Manipal School of Banking and you can have access to e-learning modules of Bank of Baroda. This will be your life for another 9 months while your stay at BMSB.

BOB PO - Life after Baroda Manipal School of Banking (BMSB)

After the classroom program and internship is over, BMSB Awards Post Graduate Certificate in Banking and Finance and you would be appointed as PO in JMGS-I in BOB and can be posted anywhere in India as per Banks discretion. Generally, girls get a posting near their hometown.  

BOB Manipal PO Posting Locations

Just like all other banks, POs can be posted anywhere in India. Most of the vacancies are in the eastern & southern India. Normally transfers in BoB takes place after three years of service. Generally, girls get a posting near their hometown.  

BOB Manipal PO Career Growth

Promotions are very fast in BOB as there are a huge number of vacancies in the middle to senior management.  The PO are recruited in entry level officer grade, Junior Management Grade Scale I or generally known as Assistant Manager. After first promotion, POs are promoted to Middle Management Grade Scale II which are generally known as Manager. After second promotion, Managers are promoted to Middle Management Grade Scale III known as  Senior Manager. After third promotion, Senior Managers are promoted to Senior Management Grade Scale IV known as Chief Manager. Chief Manager is an Executive Class. From this, you are promoted to Senior Management Grade Scale V known as Assistant General Manager and then to Top Management Grade Scale VI known as Deputy General Manager and finally to Top Management Grade Scale VII known as General Manager. A newly joined PO is expected to reach AGM level is he is able to clear all promotional exams from time to time.

Comparison of BOB Manipal PO with IBPS PO or direct recruited PO

As already discussed, after this certification course of 1 year, you will get an in-depth knowledge of all the Banking World. Since this is a niche program, you will be familiar with the BoB products and services from day 1 of your job which is not the case with the IBPS recruit. You will clear JAIIB and CAIIB during your one year at BMSB which not only boost your confidence but will also take you 2 increments ahead from the regular IBPS fellow.

Why Should You Join BOB Manipal PO Program?

  • If you are aiming to join a bank and PO is your dream job, but you are not able to get through SBI PO, IBPS PO etc. you should definitely write this exam.
  • Not only you will get an additional certification, but also you will be much ahead in terms of knowledge with your peers.
  • Although the bank is charging fees of Rs. 3.45 lakhs plus taxes, it is also providing a loan for the same at the subsidized rate of 8%, the EMI of which will start after 1 year, the bank will, on successful completion of 60 months of service, pay back the loan amount of Rs.3.45 lacs to you. 
  • The cut-off of this exam is comparatively lower than IBPS or SBI PO and the level of questions are also very low. If you are a mediocre student who has already written the IBPS or SBI exams 2-3 times, you should not waste your age and time.
  • The loan component will help you in savings under section 80 C as the interest paid for Education Loan is treated as deductions.
  • The campus is located in Bangalore and you will enjoy the beauty of South India.

BOB Manipal PO 2016/2017 Cut Off

Why should you give a second thought to joining BOB Manipal PO program?

  • If your aim is not banking sector, you want an SSC or UPSC job, please don’t fill this form. The amount and period is huge.
  • If you think you can clear IBPS or SBI PO exam easily, we would suggest you to not to go for this course. Though we have mentioned that you will get to know the nitty-gritty of Banking and Finance world, it would also cost you your precious one year.
  • If age is on your side, please avoid this post as by the time you will complete your 1-year course and probation period, the IBPS recruits may have already become Scale-II Officers

If you are aiming for SSC job, please don’t fill this post. However, if you are targeting PO job and age is not on your side, go ahead. When you will complete this course, on the very first day at your bank branch, you will have the whole batch of friends with you working in different parts of the country and who will be ready to help you anytime. Don’t take it as a PO job in Bank of Baroda, but take it as your beginning into the Finance World.

You can apply for BOB Manipal PO Exam 2017 from the link below - 

BOB Manipal PO 2017 - Apply Now

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BOB Manipal PO Test Series 

All the best for your exams.

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