Write a Response to the following Arguments against Democracy.

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 8th, 2022

(a) Army is the most disciplined and corruption-free organisation in the country. Therefore army should rule the country. 

(b) Rule of the majority means the rule of ignorant people. What we need is the rule of the wise, even if they are in small numbers. 

(c) If we want religious leaders to guide us in spiritual matters, why not invite them to guide us in politics as well. The country should be ruled by religious leaders.

The response to the given arguments can be seen below.

(a) The army is the most disciplined and corruption-free organisation in the country but it cannot rule the country in democracy. It is because in a democracy the people of the country elect leaders to form a government. The army cannot form a democratic government as it is not elected by the people.

(b) The rule of the majority does not mean the rule of ignorant people. It is because the majority of the people elect their representatives to form the government. In a democracy, there is no direct rule of the majority. There are a large number of people who cannot physically sit together to take decisions.

(c) Religious leaders cannot rule the country because India is a secular country and people belong to different regions. They speak different languages and practice different religions. Every religion has its own preferences and if religious leaders would rule then there are chances of a clash with the other groups.

What are the Arguments against Democracy?

Following are some arguments against democracy:

  • In a democracy, the chances of instability in the government are very high as leaders keep changing.
  • There is no scope for morality as it is a game of political power and competition.
  • Delay in the procedures due to consultation with so many people.
  • It leads to corruption.


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FAQs on the Arguments against Democracy

  • A detailed explanation for the arguments against democracy has been mentioned in this post above.

  • Democracy refers to a form of government where the leaders are elected by the people.

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