Which of these is not a good Arguments in Favour of Democracy? Why? (A) People feel free and equal in a democracy (B) Democracies resolve conflict in a better way than others (C) Democratic government is more accountable to the people (D) Democracies are more prosperous than others

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Saying that democracies are more prosperous than others is not a good argument in favour of democracy. There are many countries that are not democracies but are quite successful and economically developed. Saudi Arabia, China, and Cuba are examples of such economically developed countries. India is a diverse country, and that results in certain disputes, which are inevitable owing to the diverse culture and existence of so many different cultures, religions, and ideologies.

Arguments in Favour of Democracy

India being a democracy, faces many challenges to date as there are a variety of people residing in different areas of the country. There are different kinds of opinions all over, and that leads to some issues that are uncalled for. Because of the diverse culture and customs, there may be many disadvantages and challenges when it comes to Indian democracy, but there are more advantages than disadvantages here.

A democracy responds to the needs of the people in a much more thoughtful manner and has a proper system in place. Resolving conflicts in a democracy is much easier owing to the very many processes and institutions set up for this purpose.

Bad Arguments in Favour of Democracy

Laws have to be followed equally by all the people of democracy, irrespective of their status in society. Elections are conducted on a regular basis in a democracy which gives enough power to the people to select their representatives.

  • Democracy is the only governance that allows people to choose their representatives. It does not matter where they belong and what financial condition they have.
  • Also, these representatives can be terminated if the people do not want them on a chair.

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