Which of the following is alternatively called Corporate Venturing? (a) Intrapreneurship (b) Starting a new venture (c) Selling of New Products by an Old Company (d) Entrepreneurship

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Corporate venturing is alternatively called Intrapreneurship. While the recipients of funding are creative and small businesses, the companies investing in this matter are much larger corporations. In this type of corporate venture, large corporations may purchase stock holdings or enter into joint venture agreements.

Alternative for Corporate Venturing

The practice of making direct investments of corporate cash in start-up businesses outside the company is referred to as corporate venture, also known as corporate venture capital. Large corporations that want to invest in young, creative startups often do so.

  • A new business can benefit from administrative and marketing expertise as well as strategic direction.
  • As new enterprises in the technology sector expanded, corporate enterprises began to take off.
  • Intel Capital and Google Ventures are two examples of corporate ventures.
  • Even in the scientific and telecommunications industries, corporate enterprise is frequent.
  • Corporate enterprise is used to achieve both financial and strategic objectives.
  • Corporate enterprise aims to take advantage of new technologies, enter new markets and gain access to new resources.

Differences between Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship

It is possible that intrapreneurs have easy access to money, people, and resources. By comparison, intrapreneurs are less autonomous than entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneurs have the freedom to create their own work cultures, as opposed to intrapreneurs operating within a structured system.
  • Unlike entrepreneurship, which carries both great rewards and serious risks, intrapreneurship involves very little risk.

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