Who Appoints the State Election Commissioner?

By Devyani Singh|Updated : July 27th, 2022

The State Election Commissioner is appointed by the Governor of the state. The provisions of this have been provided under Article 243K (1) in the Indian Constitution. 

This article states that the direction, superintendence and control of the electoral rolls and their preparation lies solely in the hands of the State Election Commissioner. These electoral rolls are defined as all elections for the Panchayats (as directed in Article 243ZA). The state governor appoints the State Election Commissioner at his/her discretion. 

Appointment of the State Election Commissioner

The States Election Commission in India is an autonomous body which has provisions for it in the Indian Constitution. Hence, it is also a constitutional body established in the States and Union Territories of India. State Election Commission was formed after the Constitution's amendment with the 73rd and 74th declarations.

The State Election Commission works to ensure that elections are conducted in a fair, free, and unbiased way. It safeguards the sanctity of the most important pillar of democracy; fair elections. The provisions of the setting up of the committee have been provided in the Indian Constitution under Article 324. 

Article 324 safeguards the powers of the Election Commission. Election of Urban Local Bodies like Municipalities, Panchayats, Municipal Corporations, etc., are the States Election Commission’s accountability and responsibility. These commissions are headed by their respective State Commission Officers. These are appointed by the Governor of a state or union territory.

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FAQs about the State Election Commissioner

  • The Governor of the state appoints the State Election Commissioner.

  • The state election commissioner cannot be removed by anyone except the judge of a High Court. This is done to ensure the commission’s autonomy and position in the state elections. the commissioner cannot be removed from office except on the grounds and manner specified for judge of the High Court. 

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